Sim Laura Klaus

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Laura Klaus, public enemy number one, lover of others, with that face of a good person, is capable of taking your wallet without you noticing.
She is irascible, and if you meet her, you'd better always agree with her, unpredictable and capable of astonishing the whole world.

- Public Enemy
- Ruin
- Vegetarian
- Genius
- irascible

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3- skintones FB 2.0 by S-Club:

4- Riley Fall Jacket by Black Lily:

5- ARANDANOS ERAS BOOTS by DanSimsFantasy:

6- Eyeliner N77 by Seleng:

7- Eyebrows17-Scarlett by Angissi:

8- Clover Strap Heeled Sandals by DarkNighTt:

9- Lipstick N46 by Seleng:<br />

10- J145 Hair by Newsea:

11- Pants DSF PANTLATXCYBER by DanSimsFantasy:

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