[3to2] Kara Jade Ingram

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Custom Content by Me:
- Kara Jade Ingram

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Kara is Base Game compatible.

What can be said about Kara? She loves social media, and is slowly becoming something of a personality. Not a single day goes by without her checking and updating her social media accounts. Even though she's good-natured, her obsessive selfies and constant posts have resulted in being labelled an "attention seeker" by others. She either needs to make them understand that she simply enjoys social media, or she needs to try and downplay it.

She also needs help on the relationship front, as she finds it difficult to keep hold of a boyfriend. Not even her looks or her kisses will seal it. Will she be able to find the one, and will she learn how to make it work with him?

I actually didn't plan to remake Kara, since she's one of my more popular puddings, but I couldn't resist when I discovered a conversion of the hairstyle that she used. Hope you have fun having her in your game!

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