The Rock

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Uploaded 15th Jan 2021 at 5:25 AM
Carved into a rock sitting at the beach of the former Reef Finery lot in Sulani this unique grey concrete house offers 1 bed/2bath and lots of stuff to stay entertained. The interior has a cool blue color palette.

The main entry on the ground floor opens into a narrow entry hall with a staircase going up and access to a back terrace with a ladder into the sea.

The Second Floor houses the master suite with the bedroom and terrace with amazing views of the island?s surrounding. The master bathroom has an open sunken shower and a tub surrounded by a floor to ceiling custom aquarium.
There is a little library/study nook with a big window that provides views of the open sea.
There are three little green rooms filled with tropical plants which also house gym equipment and an easel.
The front terrace has a lounging area, table tennis and massage table. Walk through the rocks to access a sauna which is looking into the aquarium of the bathroom next to it.

Third Floor: This is the living & entertainment level. One big open floor plan with windows looking into the pool. Sitting/TV area, bubble blower with custom fireplace, another green house with tropical plants and a chess table, kitchen with all blue cabinets, big island and custom aquarium as a backdrop, big dining room with glass floor and views of the sea.

Fourth Floor: This is the party floor. Here you will find a glass dancefloor looking into the bubble lounge below, a DJ booth, a lounging area and access to a huge roof terrace which houses the pool, a hot tub, a little artificial beach, a BBQ/outdoor kitchen area, an outdoor shower, several meditation and yoga areas.

Fully functioning
Have moveobjects on and place the house on the Reef Finery lot in Sulani.
There are three downsized fireplaces hidden in the platform by the bubble blower. Lower the platform and light them up.
There are also downsized aquariums between the bathroom and sauna and behind the kitchen. Fill them with fish.
Check out the inspiration pics at the end.

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 248,493