Testers Wanted: The Borg Collection

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Uploaded: 25th May 2005 at 10:09 PM
Updated: 25th May 2005 at 10:58 PM - typo
And here it is: The Borg Collection.

Some objects, walls and floors resembling the interior of Borg installations.

9 Floors
6 Walls
2 Columns, one tube-design and one "reactor-thingie"
Decorative objects, one square column, a wall mounted gizmo (animated) and a regeneration chamber with plasma-anim
1 Electronics
2 Lights (lightcolumns)

And a collection to spot those easily in the catalog (important: you have to put that into "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Collections\").

There are no hacks in this, but if anyone is able to code BHAVs for example into the regeneration chamber so that it works as one (sims standing in it to "sleep", regenerating energy), feel free!

I did not include the Borg-skins since I'm not satisfied with them. If a gifted skinner is able to make good ones, best with implant based on glasses or the like, that would be great.

Some of the textures and meshes were extracted out of the game "Voyager Elite Force 1" and at first I was reluctant to post those objects here, since there are copyrights from ravensoft on those. I wrote a mail to Ravensoft and asked if I could use those but got no answer. I saw, however, that the textures and objects were used by modders for Elite Force and other games without any complaints from Ravensoft and so I guess it should be okay. Furthermore, the game is really old now, from 2001.

If someone from Raven does not like those objects to be shared here, please inform me and I will remove them immediatly.

Other meshes are completely by me, the alcove for example. The textures were reworked and stitched together by me, as were the animations. :D

The polycount of all objects is really low.

Dear admins: There are not only objects but also walls and floors in this, but I did not find a better place to put this complete package. As it is a set with new meshes, I placed it here. If you think another place in this forum is better suited, feel free to move the thread!

Have fun! :howdy: