CAS Gender Breast Option & Pregnancy Both - UPDATED

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Uploaded 22nd Feb 2021 at 3:31 PM · Updated 29th Jul 2022 at 1:45 PM by Maars

Updated for Werewolves and Gender Preferences
For the nude top to look proper on opposite sex Sims, you need an equippable overlay skin + equippable nude top
I can't provide those here as they would not be SFW content, but you can definitely find plenty of each online.

Make sure you click on another clothing item after selecting the breast toggle (can even be a hairstyle or makeup, just put it on and change it back), as the change is not instantaneous

A pretty simple mod that allows you to enable or disable breasts for Sims regardless of gender, directly from the CAS Gender Options.

Also includes a slightly edited version of bubbee's Both Options mod, which lets you make your Sims be able to both impregnate AND be impregnated, from the same menu. (It works the same as Turbodriver's Both Options Pregnancy override, so don't use it together with my mod)

How to enable a WW nude top for all genders:
Open the nude top .package in Sims4Studio (make sure it's already WW COMPATIBLE), locate the Snippet Tuning resource, duplicate the block of text like this, changing the "cas_part_type" from "BODY_TOP_FEMALE" to "BODY_TOP_MALE" (or viceversa)


Additional Credits:
bubbee for their Both Options mod
Made with Sims4Studio & S4PE