Eetkamer Dining Room :Updated:

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Uploaded: 11th Jun 2021 at 9:47 PM
Updated: 14th Aug 2021 at 3:47 PM
Hello everyone.
This is the Eetkamer Dining Room i made the for the game...

The word -Eetkamer- means Dining room in my native Language (Afrikaans) it is actually 2 words (Eet Kamer) but i made it 1 word.

In this set you will find 10 objects with 5 wood options each.
The chair does have 30 swatches but that is for the fabrics is you can see in the screenshots,

If u want to find the dining room easily in Build-Buy just use the search box and type in - Cicada or Eetkamer or 512 -
U can type in 512 as an extra if u cant remember the spelling

The chair was made with inspiration from (Pencil Sharpening's)

i Really hope u love this Eetkamer as much as i love it and i hope you enjoy it.

Chairs are working now

Remember i am Cicada...
Play safe...