The Hacker Life Mod [UPDATED - 1.77.131]

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2021 at 1:09 PM
Updated: 7th Aug 2021 at 12:54 PM
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Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce the release of the base part of my mega Hacker Life Mod!

Ever wanted to take revenge on an annoying NPC? Now you can! Ever wanted your Sim to pursuit the life of a hacker? Staying up all night, getting addicted to caffeine and making money? Now you can! Access the Dark Web, loot huge corporates, steal money from banks and get rich! Becoming a millionaire might take some time, but at the end of the journey, it's going to be all worthy!

Main Features
  • Brand new skill: Hacker!
  • You can attack: corporates, non-profit organizations, clubs and private people!
  • Take part in Hacker Competitions, Workshops and more!
  • Access 80+ new interactions
  • Your Sim will have 2 hidden romantic interactions unlocked once he/she receives a flirty buff after a hacking session
  • Browse the Dark Web: look up maintenance breaks, hack requirements, hacker activities and find traps!
  • Become a victim of a trap! Traps are laid by other hackers and if you are not careful enough you will lose money!
  • You can steal up to 2 000 000 simoleons!
  • The higher skill level you have, the less time it will take to hack something and the more money you can steal!
Or once you are skilled enough, you can hack the Sim National Bank!

Spoiler Alert! You can find these information on your own through playing the mod, or you can find more information here!

These are future plans for now:
  • Police add-on (Hacking has certain consequences like jail time, set backs and fees! Work together with the police to catch other hackers or help other hackers get away from police)
  • Hacker v Hacker add-on (Nerdistic can't wait to meet a worthy opponent)
  • Robin-Anti-Robin Hood add-on (more meaning to the good and evil traits, Sims can give back to those in need or quite the opposite, steal from new organizations)
  • Dark Web Plus add-on (subscription to the Dark Web will unlock new content and also get rid off ads)
  • Spammers add-on (Spammers are going to be more aggressive than scammers; they will break your computer, steal money and data from you!)
  • Mentoring add-on (Once you have successfully hacked the highest target, mentoring will become available on the Dark Web. You will be able to mentor students at home, or through a career!)
  • New aspirations, events and more!
All ideas are welcomed!

Bugs that I know of or have been reported
There are definitely some typos, I will try to fix them asap!

You need the XML Injector for this Mod to Work!
Extract the zip file and put it in your mods folder! (Directly or maximum one subfolder deep!)
Looking for a good and fast way to open .zip, .7z files? Download PeaZip! It's completely free and a very good companion!
Parenthood is required for certain features to work!

This Mod should not conflict with any other mod as it is a new standalone mod!

Change log:
v1.1 [08/05/2021]
- Updated for game version 1.77.131 (Cottage Living patch).
- Fixed any issue where an angry Sim could run the interactions but with no results
- Fixed some typos

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