Secondary school 44

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Game version 1.67.

Plot size: 50х50
Cost: furnished 457239 $; unfurnished 258108 $
Number of floors: 4
Cellar: 1 floor
Lot function: library
There is no additional SS. Only game and additions, except for Keti Perry and Forward to the Future.

The school is spacious. There is a playground behind the school. 4 floors (Including the attic - not furnished. It is a decorative floor. The ceiling height is low, but if you want to equip it, the Sims can safely use it. Only their heads will be visible on the roofs - due to the low ceiling.) and a basement, which students have chosen (someone likes to spend time with friends after class, and someone during class is not averse).
At school - 9 classes:
There is a class for the lower grades (this class has a round carpet (landmark) and no podium in case you want to use the rabbit hole and add a rug or door):

Class of astronomy, labor, music, drawing), library, sports hall, dressing room with shower, dining room, assembly hall (banquet hall), director's office, medical office, toilet (available on each floor).
The site has a definition - a library. You can use mods for schools and liberal professions with it (for example, from Zerbu or an updated mod from Zerbu - ).

There are two types of files to download:
Secondary school 44 (Bast) (Sims3Pack)
Secondary school 44 (Bast) Library *

* The school is saved in the game's library. Extract the folder to Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 /Library. When you enter the game, you will see the school in your game library.

1. Unpack the archive.
2. Add a school along the way (Sims3Pack): Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Downloads.
3. Launch the game and click on "Downloads". Select the downloaded material and upload it.
4. We start the game and select a site.