Red Velvet Macarons - New Custom Recipe

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Uploaded 14th Apr 2022 at 5:25 PM

This food item REQURES the latest version of my own custom food enabler

These delightful Red Velvet Macarons have a tasty caramel flavoured filling and are sure to make for an indulgent treat for your sims. The outer shells are made with traditional macaron batter flavoured with a red velvet powder, giving them their bright and eye catching red colour.

- It has all three meal sizes (8 servings, 4 servings and single serving)
- Vegetarian-Safe, Contains Lactose!
- Optional SCCO any sugar, any eggs, Icumunmun Red Velvet Powder and Caramel Sauce ingredients (food can still be cooked without)
- Please don't re-upload as your own!
- Appears in Dine Out restaurant menus as a "Dessert".
- This food item REQURES the latest version of my food enabler object.

Found in Create Food > Create Desserts

Please let me know if you run into any issues!

- Italian - (by me, included)

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