Embroidered Shirt&Shorts [YA/A]

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2022 at 4:38 PM
It was fun having the Creator badge with 0 uploads. I'm gonna miss that.

! My laptop doesn't load full res textures outside of CAS, so all previews (except for the CAS one) are lower quality than what you're gonna see in your game. My friends have tested this outfit on their machines, and it looks fine for them.

I box modeled this outfit from scratch because I like to make myself suffer, so the mesh is completely different from any EAxis mesh and might have minor deformation issues. I've fixed the worst ones, but idk.

There are three presets with different embroidery types:
1) white embroidery on sleeves and shorts, black on the chest
2) black on sleeves and shorts, white on the chest
3) no embroidery

YA/A, male only. Available for everyday, formal and career. Not valid for random or maternity.

LOD1: 4882
LOD2: 2440
LOD3: 1219