"Knotty Gal" Wood Floors

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2022 at 7:48 PM
Conversion of my Sims 2 floor set, with the original teeny-weeny textures AI upscaled and ready for Sims 4 action. These knotty little floor tiles are begging to be walked all over, and despite twelve years of inflation, still cost just §4!

Name: "Knotty Gal" Wood Flooring
Category: Floor Patterns > Wood
Colors: 6
+Low Fire Resistance

Additonal Credits/Info You Don't Care About
Textures originally from graphicssoft.about.com — which stopped existing at some point in between when I originally made these floors and now, wouldn't ya know! So these specific textures were actually pulled bodily out of the Sims 2 .package file, upscaled via AI, and then cleaned up in Photoshop to make sure they looked their bright'n'shiny best!