Testers wanted for a No Privacy mod (Edit - 10-16-05 All EPs compatable)

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Uploaded 3rd Jun 2005 at 7:17 PM · Updated 11th Nov 2008 at 6:42 AM by Christy1077

[Edit: Tested and code checked for Uni and Nightlife compatabilty - Passed!]

Another global mod. This one removes the shooing and door locking of the bathroom. So for those of you that don't mind Sims barging in on each other while on the toliet or taking a shower, here is the hack for you.

I wrote this because I was tired of having to have 3 or 4 bathrooms in my houses just so Sims would not pee on the floor. One sim would take a nice long bubble bath, lock the door, and all the other sims would have to find another bathroom or pee themselves. The only sims that would share a bathroom were sims that are in love. So I fixed that.

There have been a few other No Privacy mods but they only partially worked. I dug until I found the reason. When a sim uses the bathroom to shower, bath, or use the toliet they LOCK the door! The other privacy mods would work fine if the sims where all ready in the room, or the bathroom used an arch or otherwise had no door, but they could not enter the room until the other sim was done, or they were mutually in love.

So I fixed the normal "Shoo because I want to take a bath or pee" stuff, and I made it so the door would not lock other sims out. I have tested this quite a bit and found no problems, but... I need others to test it too, expecially those with University (I really do have to get Uni I guess).

If you have any of the other no privacy mods there may be conflicts, otherwise this "should" not cause any conflicts. But there are SO many mods out there I cannot be sure.

Have fun,

Lizz Love

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