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More Toddler Interactions V3

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2023 at 9:10 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2024 at 11:16 PM
- Huge thanks to MissPat, MrsSanta and neillesimstories for testing and giving feedback, as well as Battery for helping me fix some issues!

Happy 14th Anniversary to The Sims 3! And with it I'm bringing some new interactions for toddlers, so now you can do a lot more with them, such as bathing them, talking to them, literally tossing them in the air and more!


2024/03/14 (V3)

New Features:
  • Sims can now feed toddlers normal solid and pureed food on their lap, as well as a baby bottle.
  • You can now have your Sims make a puree of any food and store it for later.
  • When Sims show a toddler an object or other Sim, they will now actually look at the target.
  • If a TV is on while a Sim is sat down cuddling a toddler, they can watch it and gain fun. This is done automatically.
  • A brand new animation has been added to the Play interaction.

  • Multiple animations have been touched up and improved.
  • Various settings have been tuned such as Sims feeding toddlers too frequently.
  • Sims will now bathe a toddler when directed to from the bathtub even if they put down the toddler, which previously cancelled the interaction.
  • Fixed Brazilian Portuguese translation not appearing in-game (I mistakenly didn't initially add it).
  • Cleaned up and optimized general code of the mod.

Translations Added:

• Added Finnish translation by pk2
• Added Norwegian translation by Lyta


Mod Info

• This mod was built and tested with game version 1.69, but should work with v.1.67 as well.
• What type of mod is this? - This a pure script mod, adding 10 new interactions related to toddlers. This can go in the packages folder.
• Animations - All new animations.
• Translations - This mod is currently supported in English, European & Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Polish, French, Russian, German, European & Mexican Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Finnish and Norwegian.

Interactions Info

Sit and Feed: A new interaction for Sims teen and up to perform if toddlers are hungry. If the toddler's hunger need is full, they will reject being fed.

- Sims can feed toddlers baby food or a bottle, which they will need a fridge to get them from and a place to sit and feed the toddler.
- Sims can feed toddlers normal food, this can be done by clicking on the toddler and selecting "Sit and Feed...", or you can select the serving container of food (click on the actual plate/bowl if the interaction doesn't appear) to feed a serving to a toddler. Toddlers can be fed birthday/wedding cake, but you must get your sim to grab a serving before the option can appear.
- Sims can feed toddlers purees of food, which will have the "Puree" prefix of the food in the pie menu.
- When toddlers are given finger foods, their hygiene bar will slowly decrease. Toddlers with the slob trait will get dirty regardless of the type of food.

New props were made for this interaction.
Polycounts: Baby spoon: 74, Baby bowl: 216, Baby food: 16, Baby fork: 186.
I also very highly recommend getting Twinsimming's Baby Food Default Replacement

Puree Food: A new non autonomous interaction for sims to puree any food that has a learnable recipe. Once a Sim purees food, they will store it in the fridge. Sims can then either sit and feed it to a toddler, or sims aged child-elder can give it to a toddler who is in a highchair.

Play: A new social interaction for teens and up to perform with toddlers. If a toddler's hunger need is full, there is a great chance of them puking on the adult while playing, resulting in the hunger need going down as well as the hygiene of both the adult and toddler too. However, Sims won't autonomously play with toddlers if they are full. If a Sim has backache or is an elder and gets backache from playing with a toddler, the timer will restart again and the sim will not be very happy about it. They won't autonomously play if they do have backache though.

Talk To: A new social interaction for teens and up to perform with toddlers. The interaction has 3 different animation endings, all randomly chosen (tickle, boop nose or hug).

Talk to Held Baby/Toddler: A new social interaction for sims aged child and up to perform with a sim who is holding a baby or toddler. Depending on the relationship with the sim talking to the baby/toddler, they will either be happy to interact with the sim talking to them or shy. Toddlers who are shy or socially awkward will always play the shy animation.

Cuddle: A new social interaction for teens and up to perform with toddlers. The animations will differ depending on the posture of the sim.

Give Bath: A new interaction for Sims teen and up to perform if toddlers are smelly. Sims can give toddlers a regular bath or a bubble bath (requires the bubble bath soap). Bubble baths are slightly longer, but they are more fun for toddlers! They can also play with rubber duckies if there is one. Hydrophobic toddlers will not gain any fun and a thought bubble will appear showing they dislike having baths.
- From 7am to 7pm, sims will dress toddlers into their everyday outfit and from 7pm to 7am they will dress them into their sleepwear.

Show Object/Sim: Sims aged teen and up can show objects or sims to toddlers (only if they are holding them). This will also raise the talking skill of the toddler. Though, sometimes a toddler won't be interested in what they're being shown so the amount of skill gained is reduced. Toddlers with the easily impressed trait will mostly like everything they're being shown. Neat toddlers will mostly dislike objects if they are dirty. If a sim is showing the toddler to another sim, they will wave back at each other unless said sim is busy doing something, and will sometimes go over to talk to the toddler. Sims who dislike children or are mean spirited will get annoyed if they are being shown to a toddler.

Dance with Toddler: A new interaction for teen sims and up to perform with toddlers (only if they are holding them and a stereo is on). By default, this can only be used if the toddler knows how to walk, but this can be changed in the tuning settings of the mod.

Help to Sleep: A new interaction for teen sims and up to perform with toddlers if they are in a crib and their energy motive is at least at half or less. If the interaction succeeds, the toddler will fall asleep. Otherwise they will get back up again (unless they are sleepy). Toddlers with the light sleeper trait will more often struggle to fall asleep.

Nap in Highchair: A new interaction for toddlers to take a nap in highchairs (named "Sleep" in-game). They will wake up randomly (or if cancelled).

- All interactions are autonomous. Sims will also gain relationship points, social and/or fun for all interactions.

Pets and Generations EPs aren't required, but most of the voicelines used in this mod are from them.
A tuning file is present for changing things like the duration of an interaction or how much LTR or motive need Sims get.

Mod Preview https://youtu.be/v002AgRq1X8

Conflicts & Known Issues

• This is a pure script mod, so conflicts are very unlikely.

• No known issues were found!


-Enjoy and Happy Simming!