B1 Battle Droid Costume

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2023 at 7:40 PM
Updated: 31st Aug 2023 at 12:18 AM
Roger roger! With this CC, you can now make any Sim into a Baktoid Armor Workshops B1 Battle Droid!

Install all required CC, which includes both files in the .zip on this page and the following:

You will need this to hide the Sim's head when the B1 costume is applied.

You will need this or a similar mod to remove the floating disembodied teeth that your battle droid will have without it. Unless you're into that.

Then, you are ready to make your Sim. The B1 battle droid costume is found under Full-Body, Costumes and should work for all Teen-Elder M or F sims. You can use any fully enclosed shoes you like if you want your B1 to be dripped out, but for the basic factory-fresh model you will need my No Feets shoe which is found under Sneakers. Other anti-foot CC will also work if you already have one. The Simvisible mod you need to hide the head also contains invisible shoes, so if you prefer, you can skip my 'Battle Droid No Feets' file and use the ones from Simvisible.

To remove the extraneous head, find the Simvisible hair in Hair, Short. The icon is a headless Sim with floating teeth. To remove the teeth, find the No Teeth teeth preset in the Teeth category and apply that. It's icon is an open-mouthed Sim without teeth.

After that, your B1 should be ready to go! The way it is set up means that it should be compatible with most hats, face and body accessories, and shoes as demostrated by the cowdroid in the images. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make this work as skin details, so if you want your Sim to be a B1 full-time instead of as a costume, you will need to use MC Command Center to set this as its Nude and Work outfits.

This would not have been possible without an excellent tutorial by zinnia???? on YouTube.
The original B1 Battle Droid model is from Star Wars Battlefront and was uploaded by ggctuk on The Models Resource. I have modified it extensively to make it into something TS4 can read, but it would not have been possible without this file. You are not required to download this for the CC to function!