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Jazmin Bean - Sim by osab

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2024 at 9:11 PM
This is a recreation of Jazmin Bean with their latest makeup style from the Traumatic Livelihood era!
I put them as the "group" celebrity option because there is no option for non-binary sims ????

They include a decently hefty amount of face makeup+accessory CC, but you can always disable with the Clean Installer and use your own.

Eyeshadow is custom made with MistySensation+falkii's jelly eyeshadow overlaid on a maxis one
Skin is an unreleased one "Genesis" by me
Included Pooklet Waterline is edited by me
Otherwise CC included is as-is

celestialspritz for the Luxe hair used,
unidentifiedsimmer for Cloud eyes,
digi for mouth corners,
Lilith for nosemask,
Pooklet for anva/ephemera original waterlines, alfred face shine, freckles
PM&G for Simple Eyeliner
angelapleasant for lipstick
goingmintal for MB piercing, lashes, eye shine