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Functional Scale - The BodyCaptureX500

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Uploaded: 15th Apr 2024 at 11:47 PM
Updated: 17th Apr 2024 at 9:14 PM
Hey, this is my first custom functional object!
This is a functional scale that tells your Sim's fatness points, it's recommended you use this object along with Nopke's Fitness Decay mod, as this scale also tells your Sims's fitness decay:

This is useful as you can keep track of your Sims's health, and fun for Sims who like fitness.
And not only that, but Sims react for when they reach different fitness levels! :
  • Athletic: Happy jump;
  • Fit: Happy reaction;
  • Thin: Smiley reaction;
  • Fat (Lazy Sims): Indiferent;
  • Fat (Active Sims): Whine;
  • Obese (Lazy Sims): Shrug;
  • Obese (Active Sims): Breakdown.
Yeah, different animations play depending of their active personality level!, and if Sims get to Athletic or Obese levels, they also talk about it in a notification.

There are 5 recolors, the scale remains the same color on all of them, what changes is the number on the display that represent the Sim's fitness level.

--------------Extra Interactions--------------

You can give or lose weight points to your Sim, from 10,20,50 and 100.
And automatically change their physique.

This mesh isn't mine! Check download info to see the original creator

  • 1.0 - Mod realesed;
  • 1.1 - Fixed a personality bug where originally, Sims needed to have zero personality points in order to receive special lazy animations/dialogue, now they need to have 5 or less.
    Added German translation;
  • 1.2 - Added French translation.