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Glowing Colours - 2 Colourful AF Outfits

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Uploaded: 11th May 2024 at 5:32 PM
I'm back to making clothes again! This time I wanted, again, something colourful and maybe wacky.
I made the recolour of the afbodydadatopjeans H&M outfit first, then decided I wanted yet another one, so I recoloured the afbodyjaneoverallboots outfit (From the H&M SP again).

Here's what you get:

Glowing Colours 1 - The first outfit which has a teal shirt and purple jeans. The shirt has a light yellow tree stamp on it and the necklace is removed from the original H&M outfit, (dadatopjeans), but not the bracelet as that would require me editing the actual mesh.
Glowing Colours 2 - This has a lime top and blue pants with orange ribbons(?). There's also some bubble stamps on the top for extra wackiness. The boots have a more saturated brown colour than the original outfit (janeoverallboots) and the necklace is removed.

If you want all the outfits, download the GlowingColours zip file.

You will need the H&M Stuff Pack for these outfits as they recolour these meshes.