The X at Y - Generically Gentrified

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Uploaded: 21st May 2024 at 3:25 PM
Named sarcastically by a realtor during a particularly contentious debate at the office, The X at Y was once a retirement home named "The Levitating Trees". Built in 1966, the Levitating Trees went out of business in 2004 and stood empty for 20 years when it was finally acquired by RePax Realty and converted into a block of flats.

So goes the lore anyway.

Actually, this was me testing various features of For Rent. It's amazing just how much micromanagement this game lets you do now! Turbines and chimney pipes on the roof, sure; central air and wall vents, why not; but water heaters? Fuse boxes? Light switches?? To stop myself going overboard on the tiny little details, I limited myself to a few packs. For Rent is the reason we're here today. Also, what's an apartment without a closet? Since I was using Get Together's downspouts outside anyway, I could also use the Fashonista Closet. Since today's theme is "realism", that means walk-in closets with Dream Home Decorator shelves and most of the Laundry Day Stuff stuff. While, technically, Bust the Dust Kit would provide another layer of realism, I'm not sure how many people actually have that one. If you've got it, great! You can stash your hoover in the utility closet. It says "Get to Work required", but the only thing from that EP I used was a rug. You could leave it out and it would be just fine.

I pre-furnished 2 units: 102 and 201, so you can get an idea of what I had in mind. Otherwise, the other 4 are empty except for fixtures and cabinetry.

Now... I'm sorry to report there are two voidspace rooms on the first floor where apartments were supposed to be. Like I said, I'm still new to the For Rent EP and didn't realise there was a 6-unit cap on residential rental lots until after I'd built 8 apartments. I'm hoping this won't be a deal-breaker, but we'll see. From the outside, you can't tell they're voided out, and I have a table blocking the doors, so sims won't accidentally stray into them. Oh, how I miss The Sims 3's hidden room marker!