Modern Map Tags [Update 19.06.2024]

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2024 at 9:13 PM
Updated: Yesterday at 8:02 PM
This is a default replacement mod that overrides the map tags with clean, simple, minimalistic design. I never liked the look of the original map tags - they kind of represent 3D bubbles, with mid-2000's style. With this mod the tags are easier to be seen and more readable.

Following resources are replaced and therefore will conflict with other mods altering them:
Taken from DeltaBuild0 (Base game instalation folder\GameData\Shared\Packages):
  • ATLAS_MapTag_00
  • ATLAS_MapTag_01
  • ATLAS_MapTagColors_00
  • ATLAS_MapTagColors_01
  • ATLAS_MapTagColors_02
  • ATLAS_MapTagColors_03
  • ATLAS_MapTagColors_04

This mod will not conflict with anything unless you have something that replaces the exact same texture files as listed above. It's compatible with all versions of the game, But however, there are some custom UI mods that can possibly interference of proper functioning the mod of mine.

Installation is easy - as it's a package, you need to put it in Mod/Packages, or Mods/Overrides folder if you like to give the mod more priority. I recommend to merge it with other similar mods to save some storage space and boost game performance. Don't forget to delete the cache files after installation of newer versions of that mod!

Change log:
  • Modern Map Tags V1 - original version
  • Modern Map Tags V2 - improved tags appearance plus several icon replacement