"Birchwood Kitchen set"

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Uploaded 19th Jun 2005 at 8:32 AM · Updated 16th Jul 2005 at 3:02 AM by JWoods

Birchwood Kitchen Set

The Birchwood kitchen set is composed of 4 rar files.

1.The main set contains 5 “birchwood glass door cabinets with contents”.
2.The “birchwood pan rack”. This package was made separate because it was a late decision to create and include it with the set.
3.The “birchwood counter re-colors”. These are the club counters re-colored with the birchwood main texture to match the rest of the set.
4.The “birchwood mahogany re-color set”. This file contains recolors for the entire set using a mahogany texture.

The reason I chose to pack them in 4 separate files is to avoid confusion and all kinds of files for you to download. The cabinet rar containing the 5 cabinets use the repository feature. This means if you re-color cabinet 1 you re-color all 5 cabinets at once.

The file containing the "Pan Rack" has to be recolored separately. Again, due to its late addition to the set.

The set was made using the latest version of SimPE and the objects can be used without the E.P. or with it of course...

Though there are contents in the cabinets the poly counts are extremely adequate…
The matching "Birchwood Dining set" can be found here: :howdy:

In being that I am very big on thanking people and giving credit I will mention that my learning to utilize the repository feature would never be without consulting “Numenor” and “RGiles”.

Note: I also noticed that someone commented on “DCabs” cabinets saying someone already made cabinets. RGiles also created a heck of a set in the “Scarborough” kitchen as well as WDSBriana. We are all different creators with different styles producing variety. I can speak for myself in saying, variety and personal style is what I am offering with my set and it is not meant to step on any toes…