Testers Wanted: Fireplace Tools (EP Ready)

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2005 at 10:41 AM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2005 at 5:23 AM by lordgaret2000 - adding to collection
Hello Everyone,
This is my latest creation I just finished from a request from Deeme. Its a fireplace tools set with the tongs, poker, broom, shovel, and a logholder. The polys for the toolset is 1530 and vertices are 681. The polys for the logholder are 718 and the vertices are 350. It was cloned from the sculpture venus which is an item from the original game, so it should work with the original and it can be found under decorative/sculptures in the game.

I made 2 recolors for the tools and the logholder that match each other. It is colorenabled for those who would like to recolor them, themselves and if you post recolors, please give credit to the creator. If you would like me to make a certain color, please leave a message and I will make it.

Here are several pics of the tools and logholder together and by themselves. I have them in front of a fireplace for you to get an idea of what they look like with it.

If you have any problems, please leave a message and I will try to fix it.
All feedback is welcome as I like to hear what others think about my work.

As with all my other creations, you can use for your own purpose, but please don't put on any paysites.

Have a very nice day and I hope you enjoy them!!!

lordgaret's mom

Edit: I made 2 extra recolors, 1 for Daysies and the other for DoomAngelsc. I hope these are ok to start with. I'm sorry Daysies I got carried away instead of waiting to see what you would like and I just started making what I thought you would like. I made a bronze one for you but I see you would like a wood tone one. I tried to make a wood one but it didn't look like the way I hoped but I am going back to it now and try again, so I should have it by late tonight sometime, that is if it works and looks right. I don't like posting something as nice as this that isn't going to look right to me.
As for DoomAngelsc, I tried to make the all gold you wanted. It didn't look very good on alot of it, b/c you couldn't see where the detail started on some parts and ended. So I made it that the tools, not the stand they are on, all gold, down to the bristles on the broom which I left the same and the shovel I left the flat part the same to. I tried to make it gold but it blended in with the rest that you couldn't tell where the opening for the shovel was. I made the logholder all gold and it looks fine. I uploaded a couple of more pics of the 2 for you to see and if there are any changes, let me know.
Edit: I just made another recolor for Daysies in a mahogany wood color, and I uploaded pics of this one also. Let me know Daysies, if this is what you were thinking and if it is ok. I forgot to tell you about the bronze one. I always thought that bronze was something like a copper color and I started making it, thats the one I finished, but my husband came home and he asked me what kind of bronze you wanted. I just looked at him, b/c like I said I only thought of the one. He told me there are a couple of different colored bronzes and I wasn't sure if this bronze was what you were thinking, until I got your last message and then I felt alittle better. So I am asking everyone if they would like a recolor and its a certain color if they would leave a pic of the color along with the message and a description of what parts they would like colored. Daisies, let me know about both the bronze and the mahogany if this is what you were thinking and if you like them.