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Wood n Iron Gate/Fence. Animated

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2005 at 7:03 PM
Updated: 21st Nov 2005 at 8:18 AM
UPPDATE 21.11.05 !

I have been uppdating all of my objects to Base-Game compatibility, and ofc I had planned to do this for this fence also. But as it shows you need at least one of the EP's installed to get them to work.
So for all you Base-Game user out there that didnt get this to work, I'm sorry. I will however do an uppdate if and when a sollution is availible.

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Howdy all :banana:

As peer request from luslipz73, I have reworked my old "Wodd n Iron Gate w. matching fence" fence and gate system to a real fence and with a working animated gate.

The new package has:
1 fence
1 single gate.

Take care.......