Sims, Laptop, Photography Studio, Geneology, Graduation, and College!
Date Posted: 19th Jun 2010 at 1:30 AM Views: 675
My laptop crashed months ago. So no Sims in a LONG time.
Hopefully I can fix it soon, but right now I'm saving the money for my photography studio.

I just bought a 12'X24' metal building to use as my new studio. I've been putting up insulation and my dad just wired the inside. Now I need to get the sheetrock up and paint. Then I need to buy carpet, lights and an air conditioner. Oh yeah, and dig a 100' trench from the studio to my house to bury the wire in. Did I mention it's 100 degrees here in the day?

I've also been researching my family tree. I've been able to trace it back to the late 1400s so far. I must say that is amazing. My grandmother has no idea who her father is. Her birth certificate only says B.O. Smith. I was able to stumble across a record on there for B.O. Smith who was born in Arkansas (where my grandmother was born) and was about the same age as my great-grand mother. Adding that record led to more records telling me his name was Brad Oliver Smith Jr. and then to even more records unlocking the entire family tree. My grandma is supposed to be coming over soon to see what all we've found. She has no idea that I found out who her father is.

I've been able to contact a lot of people across the country asking for pictures of my family and doing this gave me the courage to ask someone for a picture of my grandfather. My grandparents divorced when my mom was in the third grade and my grandma cut him out of all of her pictures. He never contacted my mom again so I've had no idea what he's even looked like until I sent his cousin a message on facebook asking for pictures.

Anyone else see Judge Turpin's henchperson from Sweeney Todd?


I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of going to a four year college taking classes I don't need and not having time to continue my business, I'm going to take a one year online class from the college I would have went to in Digital Arts (photography, graphic design, etc, etc, etc,).Not to mention the entire course, costs the same as one semester of normal college.

But I did just realize something. I've been homeschooled all my life. Now I'm going to home-college. So, so, so, so, so, so, so, sad.

But when I do get my laptop fixed, I have tons of ideas for sims. (Yes, including uploading the wicked witch of the west)

I'm going to give TS3 another chance. If it runs well and decides to be user-friendly, I do have some ideas for new worlds. If not it's going on eBay.

And that's about it.
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