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Date Posted: 13th Apr 2020 at 6:29 AM Views: 356
Wow. Okay, lots has changed since my last post. I thought I'd made a journal entry before I left but apparently not.

I don't live in Hong Kong anymore. So much I could say about why, but short story, politics. Wanting absolutely no part of the constant, creeping changes. This doesn't feel like the place to go into how terrified and hearbroken and furious I felt those last months in HK -- how I still feel when I see what the place I called home is becoming. But we saw those changes coming in time to plan our exit and not a moment too soon. I miss Hong Kong. A lot. But the Hong Kong I loved isn't really there to go back to.

I have a new home now. I live in London! At least I think I do? Hard to tell from inside lockdown. But once this global plague is over I think I just might love it here.


Part of that moving meant not having a computer for ages. Old computer on its last legs and not worth shipping. Months without any Sims, and I very nearly lost what was left of my mind. No Photoshop to make anything in. Various long stories, but we were bouncing from Airbnb to Airbnb, other costs suddenly surprisingly higher than quoted, awesomely had thousands robbed from our account which the bank took its sweet time getting back to us, oh hey now that you're FINALLY ready to buy your new computer there's a bloody GLOBAL PLAGUE on and shops literally close the day before you're gonna go get one, time to order online and now that gets delayed because dumb reasons, but at long last it's here. I'm back online, and I have a beautiful new computer that I am indecently smitten with, and my Sims games all arrived in good shape and they're installed now and OMG the endless arranging of the Downloads folder and getting all those mods in place and tweaking this setting and finding that mesh, but finally, finally, FINALLY!

I'm ready to play again.

The world is still terrifying at the moment. Lockdown is already taking its toll. But imma have a much better time dealing with the state of the world with this game back up and running. I even saved my recolouring To Do list, and I'm only a year or so behind on it, so... Yeah, I don't have time to go outside anyway. Gonna hunker down and sim.

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The Entire World
By Goldenbtrfly (23rd May 2020 at 1:21 PM)
Thank you for posting this, Liz. While I'm sorry to hear what has happened, I sure was wondering what had been going on with you. I hope you find happiness in London. ?

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