It's been 10 years!!!
Date Posted: 10th Jun 2020 at 8:51 AM Views: 439
Just looked at my journal. Ten years ago (10!!!) I said I was back to business and working to complete 2 mods where had been in my game for, what appeared at the time, forever.

Well, life took me elsewhere. A lot. But recently I got an opportunity. I have a few more free hours at the moment and decided to put it at modding for TS2 again. Although I was able to redownload all of my published mods, and all of my favourite mods that I used to play with (that's an ongoing effort, I'm still looking for them as I realise what's missing). But those mods I was working on before and didn't get published got lost. Forever. They were not included in my Dropbox account, like the rest of all of my important files (don't ask me why, I thought they were), and they were lost as I moved countries a couple of years ago.

Well, I accepted the fate and decided to just rewrite them from scratch. It's probably for the best. Being totally focused on it now, rather than having written them over a number of years, would probably result in better coding. So there I am, coding three different mods at once, switching from one to the other to keep my interest high.

The first one was published just a few days ago, after having spent an entire week in the moderation queue. I suppose the team was busy lately, maybe at planning that recent upgrade. That mod was totally new. It's just something that always annoyed me about pregnancy in general in the game. I decided to give it a go an spent days researching and trying different bits. At some point, I had rewritten a whole routine to try and replace some of the functionality of the pregnancy controller, only to realise it didn't work and then scrapped it. In the end, it wasn't even that complicated, you only had to know where to look, and it took me forever before I looked there. So there it is, pregnancy is now non intrusive and way more natural. No mum-to-be waking up in the middle of the night just because she suddenly starting to show.

The next one is currently in the moderation queue. I can't believe this one is finally published. It's my biggest mod to date, and it's one of those I was planning on completing 10 years ago. You'll see in a few days when it's approved, but it makes using the toilets feel better. At least to me, you'll tell me what you think of it when it's out.

The next one is about beds. It's going to take a while, if I ever complete it, as there's not much done so far. I remember how much time I've put in testing, because my idea on that one requires a lot of fine tuning of values and a lot of math. And I do remember that I didn't get it quite right at the time and had to remove it from my game to be able to play until the day I would get back to it and fix it. Well, I'll give it another try.

Happy to be back, and nice to see TS2 modding is still quite alive.
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