Date Posted: 3rd Apr 2011 at 7:40 PM

Just to see if it was possible I've converted two chairs from TSM.
Lets see if the links to the pictures work.

I cannot share the files with you on MTS, sorry.

I hope someone will find a better way to convert everything from TSM to TS3 and maybe also TS2.
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GEOM Puzzel (Dutch)

Date Posted: 19th Jun 2010 at 2:40 PM

Soms heb je Custom Content kleding gedownload waarvan je iets wilt wilt veranderen aan de mesh of de textures, waarvoor je de meshes nodig hebt om in CTU te importeren. Omdat de namen van de files niet vermeld worden, is het moeilijk om uit te vinden, wat je moet exporteren uit de CC package.
Dit is hoe ik het normaal doe, en meestal werkt dat prima.

Onderin aangevinkt Sort-Value-Names-Tags
Click op header TAGS om hierop te sorteren.
Export alle _IMG (Type=0x00B2D882) naar een subfolder Textures
Export alle BONE (Type=0x00AE6C67) naar een subfolder Bones
Export alle GEOM (Type=0x015A1849) naar een subfolder GEOM
click op de 1e, hou CTRL ingedrukt en click op de rest van de IMGs, rechts mouse click en kies Export-to File

Click op een van de VPXY (Type= 0x736884F1) en kijk in het rechter venster (Preview-Value aangevinkt?) Onderaan is een lijstje met TGI Blocks, dit zijn de Instance nrs van de (morph)meshes die bij elkaar horen.
1 geeft BONEs (Type=0x00AE6C67) met GEOMs (Type=0x015A1849), dit zijn de LODs. Als je een simpele verandering wilt maken met de mesh ( geen extra of minder faces ed) of alleen in de textures, zijn deze voldoende, en heb je geen Morphmeshes nodig.

In de subfolder met GEOMs maak ik een subfolder met de laatste 5 cijfers van de VPXYs, en zet daarin de GEOMs van de TGI lijst bij elkaar.
Ze geven niet allemaal een TGI lijst (als er bv geen special/pregnant morph is, of voor toddlers helemaal geen Morphs)

Click op header Long Name om te sorteren (Workspace->Show Nmap Names heeft nu geen zin).
Click op een bblend-Body Blend (outfit parts)-Type 0x062c8204-kijk naar de laatste 5 cijfers van de Instance, die zijn hetzelfde als 1 van de subfolders in je GEOMs subfolder. Kijk onder de tab BGEO Filename welke morph het is (bv fit) en zet dat op de subfolder achter de 5 cijfers. Ga in de morph-subfolder, zoek elke geom op in de lijst en kijk naar de face/polycount onder tab Body Part Geometry. Maak subfolders met de morphnaam+facecount en zet de GEOM erin.(BV FAT-674)

Kijk in de GEOM subfolder naar de Instance nrs van de resterende GEOMs (de LODs), zoek ze op in Postal en kijk onder tab Body Part Geometry naar de Face count om uit te vinden welke LOD het is. (hoogste polycount is meestal LOD1) Maak een subfolder met de naam LOD en het aantal faces. (bv LOD-674)
Onder References worden de DDS vermeldt en wordt als unk het nummer van de Skin Controller (Bones).skcon. Geen DDS en unk=Unknown Resource is een morph.
Zoek in je subfolder BONE naar het Instancenummer en zet de .skcon file bij de GEOM in de LOD-facecount subfolder.

Ingeval de mesh een LOD1_1 ed heeft, zie je dat meestal aan de polycount en hij heeft het zelfde nr van de .skcon als de LOD waarbij hij hoort.
Als de face count dat niet duidelijk maakt, kun je in S3pe onder Entry list-Entry ID kijken in de VPXY van/met de LODs/BONEs, of door met S3e die VPXY te exporteren en te openen met de VPXY Editor van Delphy: kijk met Linked Parts-TGI List welke bij elkaar horen.

Morphs hebben dezelfde polycount als de LOD waar ze bij horen. Zet de subfoldertjes met FAT+facecount in de subfolder LOD met dezelfde facecount.

Alle Geom-skcon en morphs die bij elkaar horen, zitten nu in een subfolder met de naam LOD+facecount.
Test met importeren in Milkshape of je het goed gedaan hebt, als het niet klopt krijg je vanzelf een foutmelding van Wes.
Als ik eenmaal weet welke LOD het is verander ik de naam van de folder in LOD1-2-3, LOD1_1 ed.
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WIP Textures

Date Posted: 5th Jun 2010 at 9:27 PM

Putting some things here to help my failing memory.
Wiki: Info about
The Multiplier adds shading and details to meshes. It is a greyscale image with or without an alpha channel. The lighter gray will lighten the patterns used while darker grey to black will darken the patterns used.

In clothing it is used to add fabric wrinkles and seams
In objects it is used to add shading to corners
In build items it is used to add architectural details

For objects and clothing this file is saved as DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha if no alpha channel present, DTX5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha when alpha channel present.
Hair= DXT3 | explicit alpha with the alpha layer white.

The specular adds highlighting and shine or reflectivity to your mesh. The specular is a brighter gray scale of the multiplier and has a black alpha channel. The white to gray will produce more highlights and shine where the darker gray to black will not produce highlights. Altering the specular's alpha to a shade of gray/white will also add reflectivity and shine, almost milky white to the object.

For objects and clothing this file is saved as DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha if no alpha channel present, DTX5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha when alpha channel present.
Hair= DXT3 | explicit alpha with the alpha layer black.

The mask has four channels (RGBA) that define the three CASTable channels. Some objects have a fourth CASTable channel which is acheived by having the certain areas span more than one channel.
When viewing the channels in your graphics program the color will be applied to areas that are white while the black area will be transparent for that channel. You can also create a fourth channel by having the white areas overlap on two channels.

For objects and clothing this file is saved as DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha if no alpha channel present, DTX5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha when alpha channel present.
Hair= saved as DXT3 | explicit alpha.

This has textures that are not CASTable and they will always remain on top of any patterns applied to your mesh. This is used to add details for smaller areas that don't necessarily benefit from being CASTable or where you want a static image such as a tattoo or stencil type image. The overlay has an alpha that allows the transparency, black is transparent and white is where your texture details are.

For objects and clothing this file is saved as DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha if no alpha channel present, DTX5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha when alpha channel present.

Hair= saved as DXT3 | explicit alpha with the alpha layer black for areas with no texture and white with areas with the texture.

Also look for info in Patterns tutorials

To edit the textures you need a Graphics Editor that can handle DDS-files, Layers and alpha channels. (some need a plugin),

Photoshop expensive program, try to get an older or used copy. College-students can get a discount.
DDS Plugin for Photoshop:
where to put the plugins:

I also have Paint Shop Pro 8.1 (Pay) OLD but useable with a Plug-in: link missing

FREE Graphics programs can do the job just as good, if you know how to do it.

*Gimp 2.6.7
*DDS-plug-in for GIMP = gimp-dds-win32-2.0.7
To install, extract these files to your GIMP plugins directory. This directory is usually located at: C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

*Paint.NET v3.5.5 •Paint.NET v3.1 and above has a built in DDS plug-in
Samelo22- plugins for altering alpha channels: AlphaMask (to change a picture to transparent by ticking "Invert Mask" box) and
AlphaSpace (to change black or white color into transparent color, by selecting white if I color a zone in white or selecting "Black" if I colore in black and move the scale to make this color transparent).
Put .dll files in the "Effects" file in "Paint.Net" and they appear in the "Effects" menu.
Link to more PaintNet plugins
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WIP TS3 Create mesh (CASparts)-Quick Reference links

Date Posted: 4th Jun 2010 at 2:07 PM

Meshing CASparts

*CTU CAS Texture+Unitool

*MilkShape GEOM plugins, V0.16 (02-Dec-2009) (autonumber plugin=included)
Included in the archive is a new plugin, the CCTool, which allows editing some new TS3 specific values, the VertexID and the TagVal.
Visual Studio 2008 Runtime required
*MMangleV000a plugin post 110 Readme included. Altering morphmeshes.

*MorphMaker, a tool to make morphs and sliders

*SimGeom MTNF and TGI Editor by Delphy

Modifying a TS3 body mesh by WesHowe (Default),1348.0.html
CAS Tutorial Clothing meshing for dummies
CAS Tutorial: Wes H his Merge tools explained and how to use them to create a pregnant morph
CAS Tutorial: Beginners: Body meshing with Milkshape: Toddler Frankenstein.
CAS Tutorial: Creating a custom bodymeshpackage +Ageconversion adult to child

Create non-replacement custom hair meshes. Needs .NET Framework 3.5, requires no installation. Just unzip and run.

Requires .NET Framework 3.5

Tutorial:Sims_3_Hair_Basics by HystericalParoxysm:
How To Create A Proper Control Texture For Hairs by Anubis360

Helpfull stuff:
*For Uvmapping: Tiggerypum Template textures
To do Blank DDS textures and defaulttextures keys

TS2 Body meshing tutorials Usefull for TS3

Everything You Wanted to Know About Meshes But Were Afraid to Ask - Meshes, UV Maps and Normals, OH MY!
Tutorials:Unimesh 1 - New Mesh Basics
Tutorials:Unimesh 2 - Editing and UV Mapping
Unimesh/Milkshape Tutorial: Level 3, Combining Mesh Parts
Milkshape: Adjusting UV Mapping On Your Modified Body Mesh
From HP : Using Milkshape to Preview Body Shop Textures.
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WIP TS3 Create meshes-Quick Reference links

Date Posted: 3rd Jun 2010 at 9:39 PM

List 2 links to stuff I use creating meshes for The Sims 3, and want direct access to, info under spoilers. I am Dutch, copy/paste reduces time and spelling mistakes.

[CENTER]Creating for The Sims 3-Quick Reference links to Tools, Tips and Tutorials.[/CENTER]

Make new package-Extract and alter packagefiles:

*S3oc(stable version) ObjectCloner
Create new Sims 3 objects by copying and renumbering parts of an original game object.
needs Microsoft's .Net Framework 3.5

*S3pe Package Editor (stable version)
needs .Net Framework 3.5

*Postal Package Editor (and API)
- Go to and install the up-to-date version of Java for your operating system (if you don't already have it)
- Download the latest version of the Postal installer from
- Double click on the file you have downloaded, and follow the Wizard

*VPXY Editor by Delphy
To edit the Visual Proxy (VPXY) resources contained in a package file

Milkshape and plugins
*MilkShape 3D 1.8.5 BETA1 PAY about 25 euro/35 USdollar, all upgrades are free.
Drop the helpfile .chm in the Milkshape program files just like the other Plugins, .html version available.

One time, free 30-days trail available. Copy/paste your payed register key in Help->About->Register.

Plugins TS3 in seperate Object- and CASpart meshing links

Milkshape Plugins, made for Sims2 also used for TS3. Unpack the plugins on your desktop, copy/paste all the .dll's into the C:\Program Files\MilkShape 3D 1.8.5 folder. If you can't find it, just right-click on the desktop icon for MilkShape, choose "properties" and look where MilkShape is installed (the Target directory).

*UniMesh Vertex/Normal Data Merge plugins addition (for MilkShape) from WesHowe
* + * OK when asked to overwite files. * in post 2

*Cat's UV Data Merge

Milkshape Plugins from Demon432
*msAlignNormals.rar msAlignNormals allows manual per-vertex based smoothing and renormalizing operation.
*ExtendedManualEdit_v106c.rar ExtendedManualEdit is extended version of classic MilkShape's Manual Edit.

*Blender Free 3D meshing program

TSR Workshop download Needs .Net Framework 3.5
How to install TSRW
The TSRW plugins-where to find and put them

For Conversions TS2 to TS3:
SimPE 0.73.44 QA for everyone
Needs .NET Framework Version 2.0 and Managed DirectX 9c (this is different from regular DirectX!)

*If you do not have it already, install -DirectX runtime (March 2009) DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
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WIP Quick Reference List 1

Date Posted: 2nd Jun 2010 at 8:01 PM

List 1 links to stuff I use for The Sims 3, and want direct access to, info under spoilers. I am Dutch, copy/paste reduces time and spelling mistakes.

[CENTER] The Sims 3-Quick Reference links to Tools, Tips and Tutorials.[/CENTER]


Game-installation Game-Help
Sims 3 Game Help Support Forum

Framework/Mods folder
Game Update for 1.12/2.7/3.3 Ambitions

* Framework Installer tool HELS
Extract the rar to its own folder - Run the FrameworkInstaller.exe. Needs .NET framework 2.0.

Extract Sims3pack, Install Packages:

To extract .rar and .zip files
Sims_3:Installing_Package_Files :

*Delphy's Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extracter Needs .NET Framework 2.0. (included in Windows Vista/Windows7) No installation, just extract and run the program.

*Delphy-Sims3Dashboard Needs .NET Framework 2.0.
Download and unzip the file. Run the Sims3Dashboard.exe file within to Clear the cache and identify problem corrupt and TS2 content.

AnimTool (update, V0.04)
Chaos Mod Painting

Coding-Resource lists
Sims_3_XML_Tuning_Modding Tutorial:Sims_3_XML_Tuning_Modding
Help forum:

TUTORIAL: Object Modding (aka adding interactions) - UPDATE 1/17/10

*TigerM's Footprint & Slots Viewer
Just load the exe and point it at fullbuild0.package to look at object footprints

*TS3 STBL Editor
An editor to change ingame text, like item description, job description, job names, etc.

*Sims 3 - STBL Duplicator

*Smooth Jazz animation script editor
Requires .NET 2.0 runtime



AwesomeMod=core mod:
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