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Date Posted: 5th Feb 2011 at 8:06 PM

Hey there, thanks for reading my journal!

Okay, since this is the first entry, I'll tell you why I chose to write something here in the first place
I love designing Custom Content for the Sims 3 and also spend a lot of time doing so. But since I'm a perfectionist when it comes to making CC, I am never quite satisfied with my stuff. I often find myself editing projects I already finished (or thought I finished) because I noticed something that could be done better. Well, that's mainly the reason why I haven't uploaded much (okay, I admit it, there is currently only one upload, but at least I got some downloads on it ). I want to have high quality stuff in my game, that's why I chose to make it that way. My focus is on quality, not quantity

I also spend hours on taking pictures of my stuff and I love creating new models and setting up a studio where I take the screenshots.

I always include custom CAS thumbnails with my stuff, so you always know which stuff is by me and so you can credit me easily if you use my creations. Be sure to read my creations policy before, though

Today, I created an advertisement picture for my CC. I had a ton of different versions, but I had to choose one you can see it on my overview/creation policy page here .

I have a few finished projects waiting to be uploaded, but I still have to make screenshots and credit lists for other CC I used on the models.

So, stay tuned fore more downloads!

Happy Simming,
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