Date Posted: 20th Dec 2011 at 4:40 AM

So. I haven't died, dropped off the face of the Earth or left the Simming community. I'm in my final year of my last degree, so it's been a little hectic, with very little time for building, playing or anything else.

While I'm home over Christmas vacation and away from my game, I've been working on some blueprints for a series of small 1-to-2 bedroom houses that are intended for a retirement community in Pleasantview.

I'm still working on previous projects, but I've been more dabbling than devoting any serious time. "Memories of Suburbia" is still in-progress, but will likely be the next project to hit the queue. Here's a screenshot of the finished exterior:

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Home Sweet Home

Date Posted: 31st Jul 2011 at 1:32 AM

Well, while all my games are installing after a mainboard-processor-RAM-OS upgrade, thought I'd share a few pictures of what's going on in my building brain.

I've started a Simcarnation of my real-life home. Unfortunately, not everything is there (if there's a way to make a basement underneath both levels of a split-level home, I haven't found it yet). Here's a WIP picture of "Memories of Suburbia":

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Mail-Order Homes and a Career

Date Posted: 11th Jun 2011 at 5:06 AM

... Yes, you read that right.

My new building project on the go is a series of homes modeled after the houseplans of the defunct, but well-known Canadian department store Eaton's. In the 1910s and 1920s, many families who were moving into the Western provinces could order all the materials and plans for the construction of a house.

In the Sims world, these homes are small and affordable (at least that's my aim). They won't be starters, likely as not, but they're on a smaller scale than "Upwardly Mobile" was. My intention is to build these homes CC-free, and eventually I will remember that I have Any Game Starter and use it...


In other news, I've also begun work on a career. In my Pleasantview, there has been a recent cult evangelization, and I needed a career path for the members to follow if they wanted, as well as for the leader.

This career may eventually be considered for upload - I'm trying to make it as non-specific to a group as possible, using terminology like "the Leader", "the Meeting Place", "the Meeting Time", "the community", "the outsiders", rather than something that may relate to a particular group or belief system.

The Cult Career is modeled after a patriarchal, polygamist, closed-community style cult (which is what my Brotherhood is in Pleasantview). The jobs and pay scale are gender-specific - so it may need to get split in a career for men and a career for women.

Hope you guys are all enjoying the evening!
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