Computer Upgrade!

Date Posted: 16th Jul 2012 at 4:06 PM

I have recently upgraded to a new laptop and it is just fantastic! My last laptop had incredible lag (despite the decent specs) and was causing me far too many problems.

I now have a Toshiba P750-OEM with 2gb graphics, 8gb ram, 750gb hard drive, quad core i7 processor, bluray and 3D capabilities!

When I first ran The Sims 2 on this laptop it started up so quickly but once I entered a neighbourhood, the screen looked funny and kind of had two images layered over one another. After a while I worked out sims 2 works in 3D and it looks fantastic! The depth is quite accurate and simulates a very realistic 3D image. Working in 3D does result in very minor lag but it is worth it for the experience!

Just thought I would share this with all you guys who might be interested. Let me know what computers you have and how the sims games perform on them.
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My Creations

Date Posted: 24th Jun 2012 at 4:24 PM

Hey all, :D

I aspire to create unique homes for your Sims both residential and community. If you would like to request something in either of those categories just send me a PM.

I currently only have Sims 2 but sometime in the future I may start using Sims 3 but I have spent quite a large amount of money on all EPs & SPs for Sims 2 so I'm sticking with it for now. You will have noticed that all of my downloads have no custom content and I will continue to make custom content free lots for the convenience of you users.

Thanks for downloading my stuff and if you don't then thanks for reading this.
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