Well...it's been a while. Huh.

Date Posted: 18th Jan 2016 at 5:35 AM

So I came back here, for archival purposes, to save some of my ATF (all time favorite) downloads. I decided against going Apartment Life & Mansions and Garden Stuff, because I just realized that Sims 2 witches suck compared to Sims 1 magic and the Sims 1 Superstar pack was waaay better than Apartment Life's social reputation meters and groups. Plus, Apartment Life's gyro stand is just a blatant rip-off of Bon Voyage style food stands, like Folk Song from Freetime is a blatant rip-off of Pirate Song from Bon Voyage also.

I am noticing one strange thing though: in the "My Downloads" section, it only lists some stuff that I downloaded, thanked and faved, but not all of it. This is why I had to browse categories and stuff for the stuff I lost. I hope MTS fixes this.

Oh and btw - still going strong without Sims 4. Fuck yeah.
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I tried, but...I need assistance.

Date Posted: 14th Jan 2014 at 4:42 AM

Originally Posted by ijustneedsomeeyes
Since I am having hair-splitting problems with Milkshape right now, I have officially called a hiatus on all Milkshape-related projects, until I can figure out why everything is spontaneously exploding. Maybe it's the bases I'm using, maybe it's the files I'm working with, perhaps it's some setting I accidentally ticked, I don't know. Yet.

I'm not ballsy enough to bother people with requests, but I would officially like to say that if I'm not making something fast enough, I give you full permission to take my resources and make it for me...I give you full permission to use my resources however you wish, even if it isn't related to what I was originally trying to make.

I would also like to offer hellmonja the extremest of apologies, I should have told them right off the bat, instead of trying to fix it first. I can't apologize enough, hellmonja, for my failure to tell you in time that I couldn't fulfill your request. I thought I could fix it, but I didn't even fix it in a month.

So yeah, there you have it. Everything of mine is completely open-source, so don't be afraid of offending me or whatever, just take it, credit (for the resources provided) and make whatever.

EDIT: Forgot to put this link up, for the recolor textures that were supposed to go with the teen version of the H&M Cardigans.
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My Guestbook

Date Posted: 20th Dec 2013 at 2:05 AM

It's time I finally had one, right after I reorganized all my faves and new downloads.

So yeah, if you just want to say, "Hi!" or "Get bent!", sign here!
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Why I Love MTS's Regulations

Date Posted: 19th Dec 2013 at 8:37 AM

Just look at that fridge by AstonG. Just look at how innocent it looks...and how it is also over 5000 polys.

Why is this significant, you ask? Well, the person who uploaded this fridge did not post their obviously serious polycounts. However, I happen to be a person who actually opens up my laggy, resource-hogging SimPE for every download with a GMDC. This is also why I do not download meshes from peggy, newsea and regretfully, exnem.

Now to be fair, that fridge was uploaded a long time ago, in 2005. Nowadays, every new mesh is required to list their polycounts, so I am not likely to get this sort of problem on a new upload. The only people on MTS that do not list polys are recolorers of different meshes and sim makers who use custom hair/clothes/etc. on their sims. So I am not talking about MTS.

Thank god MTS has a quality control (insanely grateful for this!), because it sets a standard for creators on how to treat their downloaders, so they can learn how to build trust and an honest reputation with the sims community. Eventually if they are good at it, their reputations will also balloon and all will be well.

And when the creators move beyond MTS, they also bring the same honesty and fantastic quality on their websites. lidiqnata's creator website is an example of this. All the hairs on her website are beautiful WITHOUT photoshopping and although some of her hairs are high in the polycount, she's honest about it.

If you guys still want a fridge though, I found a way better fridge (even has the leftovers function!) from Fresh-Prince here.

Happy Downloading,
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Update: leefish said my bigfoot unhider was OK! Yay!

Date Posted: 19th Dec 2013 at 4:10 AM

kk, so I just uploaded my bigfoot costume on MTS.

Oh also, I have a Sims 2 Blog, because my first day of tumblr, some porn spammer forced me to "follow" them and I tried to turn off auto-follow (that is the feature that allows you to follow back the people who follow you), but I had downloaded no apps. So I thought that maybe it was a script within the theme I downloaded and long story short, tumblr was just bad.

Also, I just went through downloading tons of new stuff and cleaning out some of my old downloads, so that was good! Yay!

This was the quote:

•Usefulness: Your mod should be useful to the player and do not repeat functions available through game cheats. For example, buy pricing mods or mods that unlock items available in debug add no value as they are already available or the player can use motherlode.
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lol...I spent two hours making a base game unhider to find out that...

Date Posted: 1st Dec 2013 at 12:15 AM

...MATY already did it, with those really loose maternity clothes too. (thanks, joandsarah!)


But fear not, this isn't just random journal spam: after a long hiatus of "What kind of unique thing can I create next?", I finally made something...unique! I won't give too many hints, but it's a really swell costume and if you're running the EP/SP that contains the costume's mesh, you won't even need to worry about the polycounts. Although you may have a few many ethical questions, this costume may leave you with a whole lot of psych-related questions...

Just read the new upload terms, they're not accepting outfit/makeup/hair unlockers anymore. Aww...

It was an All-In-One bigfoot makeup/outfits/hairs unlocker, in case you were wondering.
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WTF?!? Why is joebart622 so severely underrated?

Date Posted: 1st Nov 2013 at 11:20 AM

To everybody who downloaded from this creator: http://linna.modthesims.info/m/82434 (joebart622), please go to the pages of the stuff you downloaded from them and thank them immediately.

Also, even if you haven't seen joebart622's stuff, please go and check out their beautiful outfits. It's beyond shameful that this person's obviously well-made clothing get download numbers in the few hundreds. I've seen lazy people with broken custom content get more downloads and thanks than joebart622. I've seen clothes with meshes that turn out to be awful get more attention from downloaders than any of his clothes.
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Holy Mother of Antichrist...it's over 9000 polycounts!

Date Posted: 31st Oct 2013 at 6:52 PM

...was what I cried out when I scanned all the nifty custom hairs that I *thought* I'd be able to have with SimPE. *sigh* The lowest polycount hair had over 7,000 facecounts...yeah...that's a hell no.

At least I was wrong about all custom hairs being bad. Although I might as well say that anyway, because I won't get to run the good ones. XDD

Oh yeah, this is a creator journal. Since polls have been done to death, I'd like to turn this entry into a custom career and clothing review/request section. If you wish to critique/request makeups or food, that is fine too.

Welp, c ya for now,
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Coming Soon, if I can get it to actually work...

Date Posted: 31st Oct 2013 at 5:10 PM

...without having it show as "Undeclared" on the diploma: The Clowning major!

Here's a screencap goodie:

Also semi-related:

Tinypic: "Verify for spambots my keister!" *cough*interactiveads*cough*

But! That does not mean I am announcing a short hiatus! I'll give you guys some more, more, more!
With a short poll!

Chiodo Dai: Remake and Upload? Y/N? (After I find a Sims 2 height adjuster, of course.)

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Just Found This Journal Update!

Date Posted: 21st Oct 2013 at 1:08 PM

Here is an early sneak peeks of the new female-only armor I made for my story, The Imperialist Tales:

Holler if you love it, heckle if you hate it!~
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