Well Hello there!! where have I been................(My Semi Retirement)

Date Posted: 12th Oct 2016 at 2:31 PM

Well I been busy with a lot of things and RL mess too! Since this is my first entry, plus I have been really, really, really hesitant to do this. This is a very hard decision to make But after months and months of thinking; what to do to move forward..............

I just Came here to say I am now an officially Semi-Retired CC Creator! Yep, That's right! You heard it first!

I am Kinda Throwing the towel from Simming and creating CC, Period! Sad but true!
After about a another year-ish or less I might be gone for good as I am kinda moving on from simming period and I want to move on to other things! I need to find my own Danger Zone darn it! lol

But not all hope is lost though I am going back to my roots on creating for the Sims 2 again......Soon and maybe, maybe the sims 3!! (But not for Long!) As I love the Sims and it's gameplay as a whole I just have played it less and less; Playing other games instead.

And Speaking of Sims 4...... (Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!!!!)
I am no Longer creating nor playing the sims 4 so they're unsupported from now on! (So My Origin ID is Pretty Redundant at this point)

Now Time for the rant mode. I must get this off my chest!
This might make some sims 4 Fans a bit angry but, hey I very am sorry, I just got really board as of late playing the sims 4. Just that simple!

I am going to keep it real for a bit, I really loved the Sims 4 at first because lets face it the CAS is really unique to boot and the Art style is Cute too! Now It's to the Point don't even care anymore about sims 4. I just threw in the towel maybe once they add some Cars or weather or......(See this is just one of many myriad of problems in the sims 4 I am not alone in this). My biggest of them all is still no huge Creativity tools like Create a world!! this is very important other things vital to the game! I know I have to mention the toddlers too? Toddlers must be brought back very soon. I am not really a toddler player! But Two Years of no Explanation of a Town editor as well too? wow!! The Sims was built on Sandbox foundation. I am not seeing that in the Sims 4. If Maxis/EA created an official town editor I would come back I might come back of Creating and Play the sims 4 (For a bit). But seriously that's way far off though as I am not seeing it!! Plus, I am not going to mention the Bugs in the Sims 4, every damn patch it gets bigger and bigger! and updating CC and mods almost every month in the Sims 4 is a pure pain in the natural ass! I really don't remember doing this in the sims 3 so often! So screw it, I gave up! And don't get me started on City Living what a joke!!

Most items like shells/skyscrapers limited to one city, really? Let just say I appreciate Late night and Nitelife now more than ever. If that's what Sims 4 future titles has to offer then I am sorry, I am throwing in the towel! if the sims 5 is also like this, I know for a fact; my fate is truly sealed! This whole Sims 4 Game is not for me anymore for the most part!

But it's been a really wild 12+ years here and once I'm done with projects here and there I am fully retired and gone. I might say Hi and all from time to time here but, hey that's life. I had an amazing time at MTS and I will Never forget the Contests that enjoyed. I love every Fan and I'm also thankful for the 50,000 + Downloads here. I truly Love you all that supported me with the bottom of my heart <3

Well That's all folks!!!

Love and Peace!!
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