War situation

Date Posted: 17th May 2022 at 10:14 AM

Hello. If you didn't know, I'll tell you. My native country started war actions against Ukraine. And I have few words to say about this.
First, please stop insulting me and other Russians. Some of us, like me who has ukranian relatives, are really disappointed by this. I don't know what to do. I am waiting for this war to stop as fast as possible.
Second, some essential products are banned for my country by government. Some antiviruses, apps and programs are temporary pausing its work themselves because don't want to pay taxes which could be used for war preparations. Well. Let it be. I 'll try to publush.... something that won't need that essential tools. Something that has been created before but unpublished. Houses.... patterns.... clothes... I don't know. I won't participate in seasonal events and contests since now. I will not post any content related to holidays and currently runnung Spring22. I can not create now with full might as usually. I just can't. I am sorry.
Luv. Vic
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Boycotting The Sims 4

Date Posted: 16th Feb 2022 at 9:41 PM

Hello dear, simmers. I just want to make clear a situation and that is important to me.
You know, I was creating in almost a year in the world of the Sims 4. I did it to test this game first, then I started to have joy from that and publish my creations here and in the gallery.
I found that Sims 4 is not bad. Yes, game music by Ilan Eshkeri is the least melodic to my ears. Their errors and game bugs are no reason to dislike it too because every Sims game in franchise was not perfect to be honest. All that could be no reason for dislike it. But all that ballyhoo around insult my country and show its community as gay evil and LGBT unfriendly srikes my wish to play it again.
I can't understand what was made them to mess with ministry of culture but they did it and the Sims 4 game has been set as 18+.
Russian simmers are not gay unfriendly. And our country is not that terrible EA say about it. We have LGBT charity organisations, we have different places for gays to spend their time, we even have families consist of just males of females (those are not protected by laws but anyways)!
I think EA just dislike Russian in total which is probably the only reason of things to happen. And their propaganda is not about gay rights but much about to show my country shady and terrible place. Hence I don't like them now in return.

I don't want to create in The Sims 4 any more. And most likely will not update my creations for it.
Thank you for your time. And welcome to Russia if you'll ever decide to visit it. Whoever you are.

Cheers Vic <3
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Meshes share friendly guys

Date Posted: 27th Jun 2019 at 8:53 AM

Hi all! This topic is about creators who's creator's policy means "Meshes share friendly". That means they allow to add meshes with recolours.
I was bumped with kind of creator's policy some months ago when some of forum residents send me a warning of use his screnshot for avatar. Actually never mind of creator's screenshot policy earlier. But I see the messages of mesh creators "do not include my mesh with recolours" quite often. Сcreators who allowed of using theirs meshes with recolours are rare species at sims community.
I decided to share some links to threads ands seites of creators who allows to use their meshes with recolours. Mainly for Sims 4 but some of them are creating for Sims 3 too. So if you have no time of learn meshes, you're wecome to use theirs. Also if you are "Meshes share friendly", you're welcomed to add your links an answer to this topic too.

Regards. Vic ^_^

https://www.b-5studio.com/ [S3/S4]
https://litttlecakes.tumblr.com/ [S4]
http://enuresims.blogspot.com/ [S4]
http://wildlyminiaturesandwich.blog...ted-101217.html [S4]

Blank Meshes Canvas and Rug [S4]
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