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Recoloring Project: Uploads 2021

Date Posted: 7th Jun 2023 at 10:57 AM

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying creating recolors of Store Sets - also gives me a chance to fix or improve anything about the object when it was uploaded. I hope I have added better pics.

Now updated recolors for the TS3_TS2 Ultra Lounge Study Set.

Now to work on the Ultra Lounge Dining Set...
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Revisiting this Journal:)

Date Posted: 3rd Jun 2023 at 9:45 AM

It has now been over two years since my last journal entry - my excuse could be too busy converting objects from Sims 3 and Sims 4, along with ordinary domestic life.

Currently I have a few projects ongoing and I should be more disciplined and finish them:-

  • Quaint Cottage Collection - a few items still to do
    Town Life Stuff - hold up is trying to do a functional washing machine and tumble dryer as I don't want a sculpture.

However, I have put the above on hold as I want to recolor some Store Items created in 2021 that were not recolored as at the time I didn't know how using the TSR Workshop. I thought I was doing well to extract the mesh and textures from Store items.
Last week I recolored the TS3_TS2 Glitter and Glam Living and TS3_TS2 Glitter and Glam Bedroom.
This week I have done the TS3_TS2 Hollywood Regency Den Set and now finished the TS3_TS2 Luxury Spa Set.

Time to get back to the Quaint Cottage Collection...
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New Conversions

Date Posted: 11th May 2021 at 7:30 AM

I have not updated this journal for over 2 months - shame on me.

March Creations
TS3_TS2 Animals Abound Store items for the Kid's Room/Nursery.
TS3_TS2 Danish Dining Set for Sims2 in the One for Nature colors - a request by Sarah Blanca.
TS3_TS2 Olympian Physique Bedroom and TS3_TS2 Muse Luxury Living (Store items).

April Creations
TS3_TS2 Provence Set Kitchen and Living Sets (Store Items).

Started new Willow Creek Neighborhood project
TS4_TS2 Streamlet Single Dining Set, Study Corner, Living Room, Bedroom and Bathroom
Really enjoying creating Sims4 stuff especially wallpaper and floors with the Sims2 Homecrafter Tool.

May Creations (so far
TS4_TS2 Crick Cabana Kid's Bedroom
TS4_TS2 Daisy Hovel Dining Set
TS4_TS2 Garden Essence Outdoor Stuff

Currently having an issue with subsets that not all recolors are showing only the mesh and the last recolor...

Yesterday I tried making my first Sims 2 conversion to Sims 3 - the Ancient Transport Urn Sculpture and it worked!
It's a pity I did not export all the recolor textures as well at the time.
This is an area I might start doing some objects for (provided the object has not previously been uploaded ) and need to check the guidelines when uploading Sims 3 objects as the procedure probably differs from Sims 2 objects.
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Date Posted: 28th Feb 2021 at 12:14 PM

I haven't updated my journal for six weeks or so.
I have now resolved the issue with counters and placing sinks but still to finish the remainder of kitchen objects e.g. fridge, cooker, wall cabinets before uploading.
I have also learned to separate groups from Sims3 meshes (which helped resolve the counter issue) and trying to learn to do dresser drawers - sometimes a hit; sometimes a miss (i.e. not perfect) - so still working on that. I wonder if one day I will think how did I not know how to do that...
In February worked on creating Nursery objects and set a target to finish today but don't think that will happen - maybe a few days from now.
The plan is to finish Nursery Objects, the Late Night Kitchen before moving on to any new projects (almost typed problems ).
I know members can't make requests but if anyone has a suggestion, I could work on that.
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Changes Required!

Date Posted: 17th Jan 2021 at 8:30 AM

At the moment totally ticked off:-
Problem with sinks placed on my new Late Night counters not displaying correctly.
Problem when Sims perform my Late Night Piano and there is no sound yet okay when practicing.
Both of these ongoing and in the Object Creation Workshop & Repair Center Forum and I daresay I will come up with a solution.

Yesterday a PM to advise I need to fix the Dresser Drawer in my Sims3 Base Game Bedroom - no white trim and implying that I do not check out animations to add insult to injury! If that is the case why do I have two posts in the Creator's Repair Forum?
Naturally I replied with my comment on the issue, However, this morning I woke to realize there is no white trim on this dresser only a width length silver handle - so another post to the Moderator responsible.

I appreciate I still have a lot to learn about creating objects as I only have four and a half months experience; and I do enjoy creating and planning what to do next which drives me on. I am aware there will be objects beyond my creative skills and I accept that. Perhaps in the fullness of time, that will change. In the meantime though, it discourages me from further uploads and makes my mood pretty low when a Moderator (who I would dearly love to name and shame if I knew their name) does this.

I wish I still had some of my chocolate treats from Christmas...
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New Year - New Goals!

Date Posted: 6th Jan 2021 at 11:03 AM

Today, I received an MTS email advising I had accomplished a new achievement of 50 K downloads.

Now I need to plan what to do next or what other achievements I can do...other than finish this last box of chocs
So this week the plan is to try and finish items from Sims3 Late Night EP - kitchen, Lounge Bar - unsure if I can do a hot tub...?

Last night I tried to create a piano and it seemed fine: options to practice or perform okay, practice went okay; performing - tip jar as expected but no sound when the piano is playing. I really wanted to have this piano as it is cheap at $700!
I looked up any tutorials on musical instruments for help. There is an issue with musical instruments that came with Uni and a mod needs to be installed but as I used a basic game object I don't think there should be a problem.

This morning I tried to create the grand piano cloning the piano that came with Bon Voyage. It was the same story - Dirk tipped Darren $50 for a performance that could not be heard! I will put these on hold for now.

Please do not let there be more problems especially with counters...
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Late Night EP

Date Posted: 18th Dec 2020 at 12:44 PM

This is has been a busy week so haven't got as much as I would like done - still a few Xmas gifts, food and wine and housework to do!

Still at any possible chance I try create another TS3 objects for Sims2
I am trying to create a Dive Bar collection but problems making a counter - still has the original counter colors only!
It looks like other creators have had this problem and there seems to be a way to resolve it (fingers crossed) I can follow how to do this too...
I will also need to look for a tutorial about linking modulator chairs. How silly of me to think if you clone from a Nightlife or Apartment Life modulator chair that it will link
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Changes Required

Date Posted: 10th Dec 2020 at 7:28 PM

Well I can't say that I wasn't expecting this!

Using custom wallpaper needs a separate entry with details of price and location plus screenshots; so currently I have tried to take the best possible pics and resubmitted to the Moderator's queue. It is quite hard to take wall shots plus light from windows can make the middle wallpaper look a different shade from the two either side. I hope it meets Mod the Sims standards...(fingers crossed).
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Lot Building

Date Posted: 9th Dec 2020 at 5:51 AM

Thanks to HugeLunatic and simsample, discovered it was the rear garden that was the issue - so now know how to create a rear garden with a building that has a foundation.

By this time though, I discovered I liked having just decking in the rear garden so have submitted this lot to the moderation queue. I did use the Clean Installer but I think I have forgotten to mention it on the script - so expecting a CR already.

It is a funny thing but I had the opportunity to bypass the moderation queue; today when I check Statistics I don't, just as well I chose the option as it was my first lot upload.
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Problem - No Apartments

Date Posted: 29th Nov 2020 at 6:33 PM

Finished working on this apartment lot but when when I change lot zoning from residential to apartment base, there is a fault that one of the apartments needs to be fixed. When I check at the neighborhood - not one of the six are functioning.

I can't understand it - I have used the correct apartment door and mat for entry at the front door. At the back, fences separate the homes with no gates to access any house. Maybe it needs a half wall rather than a fence?
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