F-IN evo 5 skin for TS2 Work In Progress pics

Date Posted: 23rd Feb 2011 at 1:20 PM

Here is a preview of in game pics with outdoor natural default lighting from TS2
of my current skin project for TS2, F-IN evo 5
it is a major change from my previous F-IN evo 4 texture wise, although some are still kept like the hands, feet, and the basis of all seamless placements.

now the skin is more subtly shaded, no blinding unnatural/ fake looking glow even with in game outdoor light, no overly grainy texture as my previous works although some are needed to kill the patchy BMP compression looks

and my target is to render the skin so it looks best from all angles, since most skins usually have a very bland side on the seams (side of the body) so I've spent hours on detailing the seam areas to be seamless yet fully detailed

and to give secondary lighting to the texture so in game it looks more natural without frontal spot light effect, again in order to make it looks good from all side.

Adult female body & face is done and tested :D
preview is the Fit Body Type, normal has less toned muscle, and fat has no muscle and more lighting on the tummy area

will post more pics as I finish more textures
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F-IN evo 3 skinset is coming!

Date Posted: 28th Sep 2007 at 4:01 PM

Its the newest skinset I made.

the F-IN evo 3 default replacement is already hosted by www.spicysims.com, but I will also make MTS version also, so please wait a little bit more for the MTS version, BTW another version would be uploaded to Insimadult too.

happy simming

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my skinsets hosted by Spicysims are available again ^_^

Date Posted: 28th Mar 2007 at 12:58 PM

yeah, they finally find another donation method, I have sent them some new skinsets, would be released soon I guess.

happy simming,

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Another update on my skinset

Date Posted: 13th Sep 2006 at 2:58 PM

My FACE-IN new variant X and H variants are hosted by www.spicysims.com,
they are available by now as a donation set.

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September update of my FACE-IN skins

Date Posted: 3rd Sep 2006 at 12:58 PM

Today is September, 03 2006
Captain's log, the ship has been attacked by a giant sea monster.... ^____^;

some new variants of my FACE-IN would be launched this week, there at

I'm making a barbie skinsets that would be launched freely here at MTS2 sometime on this week or maybe next week

take care,

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my FACE-IN series at spicysims

Date Posted: 17th Aug 2006 at 9:01 AM

Today is August, 17

The good news is today my FACE-IN set has been launched at

all previous problem have been solved with my screenshots, so they're OK now ^_^


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My next sims upload plan

Date Posted: 10th Aug 2006 at 1:23 PM

Rikku (FF X version) as an adult sim,

don't ask me about the date yet,
since as you see at those screenies, she is not wearing anything, the costume is not yet developed at all, nil.

I'm still take my time adjusting her face.
as you might already know, I don't have PS2 (NO, I'm not that poor ~_^ but I didn't buy it simply because at my age now all my friends are all too "old" to play video game with me...
So I've never played FF X , and never seen its FMV either, I just gathered some screenshots, and some artworks on the net as my references

So I hope to have some input from more experienced people about this character. about her face and about her clothes detail, particularly about the rear view of the costume.

here are some screenshots of my first trial of RIKKU (adult sim)

neutral expression

scooping room probably or maybe freestle (I forgot)



karaoke ^_^

just turning her head (someone passes by)

laughing (chat)

smiling (I made her as a nice sim, since I need too see her smile)
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