Boohoohoohoo :(

Date Posted: 26th Aug 2006 at 4:04 AM

I'm not really sure why, but our old computer hasn't been fixed yet. or even thought about since the new one we got. Plus, complications arise.... I think that the thing is fryed (fried? freid? HOW DO I SPELL THAT?!) beyond belief, which makes me incredibly sad. My brother broke the mouse of the new one ALREADY, and the old mouse is on the floor at my feet and I'm not sure what happened, but I think it was extremely unnatural. It's guts and such are missing. Ew.

Not only that, but the RAM from the old one didn't take, and I'm not going to even bother with putting the video card in the new one, although I'm pretty sure that all integrated RAMDAQ video cards suck. Plus, the really really old computer (The old HP windows ME from good ole 2001 that could barely handle the sims 1) had a nice little moniter issue, so it's "borrowing" the moniter from the old computer. And my goodness, I just realized we have three computers here, all of which have issues. Apparently once the old one is fixed, the baby's mine... but what's the point if it has no mouse, no moniter, and no reliability?

Bottom line? I need a job.
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