Just an entry!

Date Posted: 11th Oct 2006 at 6:57 PM

Well... I decided to make one of these. I doubt anyone at all will read it, but if you are, then thanks! Basically, I haven't uploaded much to MTS2 recently. I had uploaded a fair few houses, but stopped, as I need more skill first. The problem with houses, is you need to be abolutely spectacular at making them, to get something worth downloading! I'd say I'm average to good. My current uploads don't really reflect my true skill, as they were from a while ago.
I was thinking of trying to upload other things. I can make fairly decent carpets, but I don't want to get in with the policies and everything, yet, I don't want my floors all over the web. I think I'll stick to houses, unless anyone has a better idea! (Terrible and meshing and recolouring! :P)

Ok, Ciao!
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