Possible Uploads Coming

Date Posted: 8th Jul 2007 at 4:44 PM

Possible uploads:

i may be doing some teenager (both genders) retro clothes and some boy (there are several little girl retro clothes out there, but not too many boys) retro clothes sometime soon. This would be in response to some InSim requests.

I've recently downloaded SimPE and various programs that aid in object texture production. I may post some object retextures...like bedding...and maybe some bathroom stuff.

I'm not gonna give any time frame.

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Date Posted: 6th Jul 2007 at 6:14 PM

7/5 Zoot Suit Posted YAY
i may be doing another request from the InSim forums...retro kiddies. yay! maybe some more zoot suits...again requested at the InSim forums.

7/3 Ok...working on the zoot suit...found a much better mesh. YAY...so the suit is IN PROGRESS, rather than the stagnancy of the past few months...
I'm gonna try and throw together some retro patterned either shirts or dresses. I'm gonna do some male stuff eventually too.

5/19 (recovering from massive ear infection...bleh)
working on a zoot suit from insim's request section. scratch the 1/3 done...i lost the file with all the layers...GAH!!! i have to start over...

5/14 (MTS2's b-day!)
three piece suits finished
new vintage inspired dress finished
retro button up with modern feel for guys finished
will be submitted by end of week.

back from London... will be posting recolours of my 3 piece suit soon. I wanna improved them a bit more.

3 piece suit for adult male xsubmittedx approved

Some music inspired projects are being started
hopefully, i'll be making some bathing suits for female sims.

peace out!
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Current Projects

Date Posted: 24th May 2007 at 8:26 PM

Projects that I'm working on now are

zoot suit: i lost the file and must start from chance...and i haven't had the chance to start it over quite yet...so i cannot estimate when it will be up

eyes:...as a practice i've made some eyes from scratch(with the help of a lovely Enayla tutorial at her site <furiae>)

Don't expect too many downloads to be posted soon as I've got TONS of art to do and an English anthology...bleh...

But...hopefully...these two will be up by the end of JUNE, probably sooner, hopefully not later.

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