hodgkin's lymphoma Disease (Cancer) I Beat It!!!

Date Posted: 26th Aug 2007 at 11:03 AM

Everyday was a trial in trying to survive this disease,
watching as my kids cried when they could not be around me or visit me in the hospital...
I was in for weeks at a time" trying to beat a deadly disease or just plain being sick with the flu which would take me down a loop of dispair,
for some of my family it has seemed like forever and to some it actualy has been.

My now wife Teresa (Fireflies) took me on a journey to become her husband even though she may have lost me, ill never let her go!

My two, six and seven year old went to the park with me today and nobody could do anything because my two year old daughter would not allow me to leave her side knowing she had never been to a park with daddy before and what a thrill she had doing it today, might have to do it again tommorrow

I Love my children & Teresa this much ...................................

(..............................)Enough to beat this for them(...................................)


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75% Cancer free

Date Posted: 21st Jul 2007 at 7:30 PM

Yesterday i found out my body is 75% Cancer free but i have a long road to go Especialy since my body has one of the roughest cancers to beat and the hardest treatments to deal with,

The DR's have been impressed with how well my body has been dealing with the treatments, I just keep telling them its because i am stubborn and will not leave my kids behind with no one to care for them!

Thank you all who care to pray for us and have posted to us in the past

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Behind the scenes

Date Posted: 1st Apr 2007 at 10:24 PM

For many of you the name Fireflies may be just another creator,
Only a few select know that there are two of us who create and worked on many files for the game,
Rick & Teresa are a husband and wife team under this alias,

Glad to meet you

Lately some have noticed we have either not been around or jumped ship to here and there then nothing,
Well it is because i Rick, learned i have Cancer and have been fighting for my life, with the support of many friends and family, we have been to busy to really get to deeply involved with the sims2 programing and new mesh's but have just gone on to teach others how certain files work for the game,
We hope that we have done something major in the contribution of the game, sometimes we feel we have been a major player since the begining with food concepts and how certain other programs work in the game, although we dont claim to be anything like Numenor, J Woods, Echo, Eric, Kathy, Winter, Quaxi, Delphy or many many other major contributors' we sometimes feel we have ran with the big wigs of the game and hope it shows

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the great modding team for the best game around, We love you all

Sincerly Rick n Teresa.
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