Ok. New TS2 mesh in the works

Date Posted: 25th Jan 2013 at 11:34 PM

I admit. This mod group has been napping a few years. I've been working on a TS2 jingle dress for the multicultural contest that's coming out. The mesh is just about done.. Does anyone volunteer to work on the recolors?
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Where did the "Ooops! I brokededed it" thread go?

Date Posted: 12th Nov 2011 at 10:26 PM

Cuz I oopsed it really good!

This is what happens we you use NRASS Master controller on your sim to get to into "Edit in CAS", then change your sim to a horse, because you want to check out the skeleton horse to help you determine where on the DDS map the horse ends and the free area begins so you can use them to make new mesh parts and place them on the UV map without impinging on the horse...

That part is pretty straightforward. The error occurs when you still have the horse, wearing zebra stripes, and you click the CHECK mark. Back on the lot, your simmie has become a creature of indeterminate shape and pattern.

At this point, the only recovery is exiting to main menu without saving.
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There be HORSES in Sims3!

Date Posted: 2nd Nov 2011 at 3:32 AM

Yippee! I've been waiting for horses since I started playing Sims!

Now that there are horses in the Sims3 game, I will see if we can get the mod group moving to make the Nez Perce theme - With rideable PALOOSIES! :D

Ok, Bluetexasbonnie and hexameter have agreed to rejoin the mod group. They are rolling up their sleeves to see what they want to work on. Porkypine is making some horse regalia in the Nez Perce style. Look for that in the next month or so if everything goes well. :D
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Joining Echo's High Rollers Project Proposal

Date Posted: 20th Nov 2007 at 11:22 PM

I've just joined Echo's "High Rollers" Project theme. I have lots of ideas on gaming stuff and it will be fun working with a team of skilled BHAV and animation creators. I'll learn stuff that I can bring back here and use in our N8iveSims casinos.

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N8iveSims Mod Group Membership Agreement

Date Posted: 12th May 2007 at 10:50 PM

Interested in joining our mod group? Great!

We'd like to kind of lay out how creating content for our mod group works so there's no misunderstanding. We feel we need to formalize the process a little bit because we have found that many people here have never worked with other creators on projects before and really don't understand the process. We want to be up front about what we expect and how we co-create content and what you can expect as part of the N8ivsSims mod group membership. And, you'll need to agree to this when you submit content to be published under the N8iveSims mod group name.

* Generally, our mod group tries to create genuine NDN stuff, or, as near as possible as the Sims2 will allow. We will try our best to be authentic for specific tribes even though game limitations make it impossible to create some content exactly.

* Credit is always given to the creators who've worked on various items for N8ivsSims as you can see if you look through the published Seminole thread.

* When will you get the N8iveSims icon to show up under your profile?

* Periodically, we will ask Delphy to update the Mod Group membership list so that the N8iveSims Mod Group membership icon will appear under your profile.
* Because it is a lot of work on Delphy's part to do this, we will only ask him to do that when we submit a major theme - which will contain the usernames of people who have actually participated in the creation of content - be it, research, meshing, recolors, lot building, objects creation, etc.
* We won't ask Delphy to fix that list for small uploads. We don't want to waste his time especially when we have people coming and going on the team who want the name but don't actually create any content. So, basically, you have to 'prove' yourself before you'll see the fancy icon under your profile. :D
* However, when you join up, we will add your name to our team membership under the N8ivesSims profile creator section.
* Once you have participated in the creation of published content, your name will always remain as a member of the mod group even if you withdraw from the group at a later time, or do not publish any future content.
* Once you have published content under the N8iveSims mod group name, you will not be allowed to remove that content from the published thread.
* If you leave MTS2 at some future date and remove all content under your personal profile, any content you created and published under the Mod Group name must remain as long as the mod group still exists.

* When will you be granted access to our development forum?

* It takes a lot of time on the part of very busy moderators to grant access to people. They aren't always immediately available. It can take a few days after we make the request for them to set access up properly.
* At first, when we are testing the waters, you can submit your ideas in our public project proposal area. Upload photos of what you are working on, etc. :D

* You can expect that anything you submit to the mod group to be published under the mod group name, may be, and often is, incorporated by other members in their contributions to the group.

* If you feel that you need complete control or authority over one of your items, that is perfectly fine with us. Go ahead and publish it under your own username and we'll make a link to it as related content. :D

* It's better for the team that we all understand that the N8iveSims is a MOD Group - which means several creators have agreed to co-create content to be published in our themes. We help each other during the creation process.

* One creator may make an object mesh which a second creator incorporates into a clothing mesh that is recolored by a 3rd person. If one of those creators decides that they want to withdraw what they did, then it renders the work done by the other co-creators wasted effort. We won't allow that.

* Once a Mod Group project has been published , you may also upload it to other free sites where you may post your content. Please provide credits for any other creator who had a hand in the finalization of that item.

Anyway, that's it for now. This list may be modified at a later time. :D
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Welcome to our Journal and an Invitation to You.

Date Posted: 27th Apr 2007 at 7:43 PM

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our journal.

N8iveSims is a mod group comprised of several talented creators who intend to bring to the Sims2 world at large genuine NDN stuff (American Indian) - or, at least as close to genuine as Sims2 stuff can get anyway. Many of us are American Indian and Canadien First Nations from various tribes but there are also people from other nations and cultures in our Mod Group. We are truly an international group and we like it that way. :D

We want to show the world the diversity of our cultures.

There is so much content that we can't make it all in our lifetime. All content put out by this Mod Group will be freely available to the Sims2 community, either through MTS2 or any other free site that the individual creators want to upload to. We really want the kids (and adults) to be able to find our stuff and use it in their games, mainly as an education to them. We won't put out any Hollywood distortions or 'twinkie' stuff. However, the Sims2 game itself limits what we can do so there will be things that aren't exactly right. But hey, it's a game and we'll do the best we can with the materials at our disposal. :D

We invite all interested creators to join our Mod group. The more creators we have on board, the faster we can publish stuff. You don't need to be an expert, but you will be expected to roll up your sleeves and try your best and hone your meshing skills. If you want to learn how to create some of the fabulous hairstyles and clothing, you will need Milkshape. You will also need SimPE and some kind of photo editing software, Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact, etc.

There are many excellent tutorials at MTS2 that you can use to learn how to make stuff well. Hey... I didn't know anything about how to mesh clothing in Nov 2006, but by April 2007, I had a good set of clothing meshes done which alexsrosa recolored. So, if I could do it, so can you. :D

I started this project proposal in November 2006 but the team didn't really do a lot of work until after the December 2006 holiday season. Then they really started cranking out content so even though it's been in the works for 5 months the most work was done in 3 months. Our mod group members put out a Featured quality set in a very short time.

Join us. Can't mesh but are interested in the project? We can use help authenticating our content. A great example of authenticity help is like in this example: Finding a real bow and arrow and quiver as a baseline so our creators have an example to work from: The internet is full of really weird stuff that may in fact be made by NDN people for the tourist trade but it is not authentic. No way - no how.. So, how would an innocent person know the difference if it was made by NDN people? Examples of what I found - There are bows to hang on walls that are so full of fluffy fur grips and long dangly fringes and feathers all up and down the bow arc that how in the world would a hunter ever expect to catch anything with that nonsense? I mean... get real... The fringes and fur and feathers would interfere with the Draw of the bow and all that stuff waving about in the wind would give the hunter away and scare off the quarry. Pretty hungry family if the hunter used that junk. SO. We will not make that kind of stuff. That was a pretty obvious example to most people but you'd be surprised at the number of people who will think that is a real bow and arrow set used for hunting because it was made by an NDN person for the tourist trade. Now, the guy who made that was just trying to earn money for his family because that is what sells, but it isn't authentic.

The same problem exists for all the tourists going to Venice who purchase the carnival masks made in China or Korea. They don't know what a real mask looks like but the Venetian vendors carry product that sells. So, we would really appreciate help with authentication so we have good models to work from. :D

We do have a request list going. We will take requests PROVIDED you give a photo of what you expect..(we don't read minds) AND, you realize that we may take some time to get to it. It also has to be something pertinent to our theme and the ability of our creators to make. :D

Anyway, Future journal entries will discuss the ins and outs of creating content for this theme.

We hope to see some new members soon! :D

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