Date Posted: 5th Jan 2021 at 1:52 AM

Hello all ^^

I am finally done with my other projects, and can focus on this.

- Neighborhood of the City of Onett, with similar trees and decos
- All the houses in Onett, including the ones Ness can't visit and the one Ness can buy
- 4 heroes (Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo)
- Key characters in EarthBound (Ness' family, Pokey and family, Photographer, Apple Kid, Dr Andonuts, the Runaway Five, etc)
- Some of the townies in your Onett neighborhood should be the ones Ness meets in Onett. ^^
- Some of the human-size foes, such as Frank Fly, Captain Strong, Everdred, Carpainter, the Twoson Hippie, etc
- I'll keep the simple visual style without exaggeration, I don't want this to become hyperrealistic.

For the moment, here's what is done

- Ness' house
- Ness in pj
- Ness' family (mother, sister, dog)
- His school bag (for the bag I made a set of 6 colors) and Buzz Buzz
- Onett Neighborhood (empty for now)
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