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What's New in Stephville: Charmed 2014

Date Posted: 17th Dec 2012 at 4:50 AM

UPDATED: August 2016

Well...before the great Hard Drive Debacle of 2012, I was in the midst of recreating the Halliwell Manor (AGAIN). Here it is now going into 2016 and I am have had to put this lot out of my mind. But I will share this at some point....if it's the last thing I do.

Seriously, I've finished the lot and find that I am not satisfied with it. I want it to be smaller, but to fit all the content. Of course, that would be a fool's dream. So.... I think I will give it one more go in starting over from scratch. I will create a version to share here and the fully loaded version will be placed on my own personal website in the future.

But for now...back to the drawing board....

This house is the ultimate clutter home and it has long been my desire to totally decorate it from Attic to Basement! Well, I've done just that (as a way to do something Sim related). So the Halliwell Manor once again rules the moment (omitting the fact that I promised myself that I would try to rebuild my Gwrych Builder's Folders and work on the next instalment of B5 textures)!

Add to this obsession ... necessity finally pushed me into full blown recolouring! lol I've been recolouring things that I need to finalize my ULTIMATE MEGA CHARMED LOT! It started with Elize's Carmen Sofa. Then, I wanted more stained-glass I recoloured thefuzmixman's Banker's Lamp and Dgandy's Tiffany Lamp. Then, a few more lamps by Sandy @ ATS and Jope @ Simply Styling. Then, I decided to throw in Khakidoo's Garden Cats for good measure... a few of the items can be seen in the images below -


If you'd like, check out a few more comparison images in the slideshow:
Charmed 2012 Slideshow - ABSOLUTE MADNESS!

Back to packaging the Manor with me!
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Things To Share Elsewhere

Date Posted: 12th May 2012 at 6:25 AM

I finally finished Play Testing and editing the Savannah Townhouse. Because of time constraints and because the CC LOADED version exceeds MTS file limits, I uploaded it to Sims2Artists instead. There are 2 NO CC VERSIONS and 2 CC LOADED VERSIONS.

Download it here:
Savannah Townhouse

Also the links to the Sci-Fi Walls being shared at NIXED SIMS - here:

Babylon 5 Starter Sets
These are the basic Babylon 5 walls and floors for each sector. Other sets will be shared in the future.

and here:
Sci Fi Mega Wall and Floor Sets
This set includes the best of all of my Sci-Fi Walls and Floors never shared on-line before.

Back to RL for a while!
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Babylon 5 Textures, Etc.

Date Posted: 5th May 2012 at 3:16 AM

Well those long overdue B5 Starter Textures are finally up and ready for use thanks to our beloved NixNivis!

Here is the link to the downloads:
B5 Texture Link at "Nixed Sims"

This is NOT the complete set. But, I figure 400+ Walls is a good starting point.

Nix will also be sharing the Sci-Fi Mega Set (300+) soon!


I've also downsized the Savannah Townhouse and have been playtesting the new version. It is much more player friendly in 2x2 than it was in a 4x2. Heres a preview of the revised version.

I've also discovered a few things:
- Butlers don't cook if you have more than one fridge on the lot.
- Butlers get hung up in bathrooms that are near extended patios.
- The Front Door Hack doesn't work for all EPs beyond Night Life, so it makes for frustrating gameplay when you build your front door entry on a foundation and have a garage. Boy, I wish Pescado would update the Front Door Hack and make a few improvements on it where I can actually choose which door I wish to serve as the Front Door! BAH!

As far as the lot goes, I've one last issue to sort out. Because of the foundation entry (which is a design feature for this lot), Simmies use the Garage when coming in. But, I've found a solution. Fake Garage doors. Couldn't find ones that suited my, I created a few walls. Nothing says Historic Savannah like FAKE Bi-fold Carriage Garage Doors!

Well...enough chit chat...Back to RL fun...bathroom renovation and Spring Cleaning of old clothing!
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Happy Birthday to ME! - A Savannah Townhouse

Date Posted: 24th Apr 2012 at 5:03 PM

Yes...Today's my birthday. And the first thing I did this morning, finalized this Savannah Townhouse (one of the sets of lots I have been working on before I go into total silent mode for a while).

It is a Historic Savannah Townhouse. As I was born in Savannah, Georgia I decided to turn secrets421's house request into a townhouse that is reminiscient of the historic southern charm of Savannah.

Anywho... While I will share the NO CC Version of this lot and a version that uses more EPs/SPs with Exterior CC only, the fully decorated version is for secrets421 only as it exceeds MTS size limits.

NO CC Version

EXTERIOR CC ONLY Version and FULL LOADED Version Outside Image


But...I can't help but tease you with a slideshow of the CC LOADED version.


One more project to complete before silence! But, next week with that (20% Complete).
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It's April and Time For Vacation!

Date Posted: 4th Apr 2012 at 11:03 PM

It's time for a Sim Creation Vacation.

While I have 3 projects that I will work on through April, I am heading off onto a Sim Creation Vacation.

Project Commitments
Babylon 5 General Wall Textures are packaged and I have finally convinced the hubby to take on the Collection Files. So, once the Collection Files are created, the textures will be shared...all 965 of them!
Textures (100% complete) with Collection Files

Object Maker Tester Lots (20% complete) and the final lot request (100% complete) for secrets421.

Once my project commitments are complete, I will go into full lurking and download only mode. While I won't be commenting, I will be collecting objects for my Download Archives and reorganizing my archive folders. I shall also be reading a few Sim stories and otherwise playing about in my Sim lots. And of course, working on my house in RL.

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March Activity: Focus and Silence

Date Posted: 8th Mar 2012 at 9:37 PM

I've just submitted my 100th lot upload, "Woodland Timbres" to MTS. This will be my final shared MTS lot upload for quite a while.

I am currently focusing on the Babylon 5 and Gwrych lots for the remainder of the year. I will no longer be taking request for lots (my final lot request will be shared only with secrets421 in a month or so). MTS uploading is suspended until after the B5 project and the Gwrych Project are complete! I will continue to update my Sims 2 projects progress each month. See you for next months update!

If you need to contact me feel free to send a PM here at MTS or at Plumbbob Keep (see below).

*Babylon 5 Textures (Sets 1 and 2) (100% complete) - Posting @ Nixed Sims by Nixnivis
Downsizing each set to present over time. Sets 1 and 2 will be posted first. The sets will move from general to slowly incorporating more specific walls from each sector. (Blue, Red, Yellow, etc.). Babylon 5 is a "massive" place.

*Gwrych Parson's Retreat - (100% complete) - Posting @ Plumbbob Keep.
Adding finishing touches as a 1 year anniversary Celebration at PBK in the Revelry Theme.

Note: Downloading at Plumbbob Keep is 100% Free. You don't need to log-in to access the downloads.
However, to access my list of downloads ( StephSim's Medieval Codex at Plumbob ), you will need to register/log-in.
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February 2012 Activity - Updated February 29th

Date Posted: 29th Feb 2012 at 11:40 PM

Current Sim Related Madness


*REQUEST: Log Home Dream (Ikea style) (100% complete)
Shared with person who requested. Prepping for upload on MTS.
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What's Going On...

Date Posted: 20th Feb 2012 at 3:14 PM

I've just spent the past two weeks distracting myself on a certain medieval website, whilst restoring my computer - (still with a few things to replace but at least the game is functioning). The combination of AVG Free and Vista was a disaster waiting to happen and before I realized what was causing my computer issues, I was knee deep in repairing the wrong things. So, now...I'm finally back in action and Free of AVG at last. AVG Free is officially dead to me!

I need to regroup a bit. After I reinstall Any Game Starter

Gwrych Short Pause -
The Gwrych Retreat is ready but awaiting David (Sophie-David) to finalize an object for it. Since you can't rush an object being "ready for release", I will give David a week or two to work it out before posting the lot. Either way, the lot shall be uploaded on early March.
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January 2012 Activity: Updates and Changes

Date Posted: 8th Jan 2012 at 12:39 AM


After entering a Gwrych lot in the "Guild Wares" Contest at Plumbbob, I realized 1)I love the idea of posting the medieval lots on a medieval site and 2)that it is nice to be in control of when and what I upload without the added process of submitting for approval. This decision will give me more freedom to complete Gwrych at a much more productive pace.

While I will still be Simming, I am focusing all of my creative energy at preset into completing Gwrych once I transfer a few collections to their new homes (see below for further information). The remainder of the Gwrych collection will be posted at Plumbbob Keep.

So, if you want the newer Gwrych Lots as of January 17th 2012 register and log-in here:

While you don't need to login to download, registering will allow you to access my Medieval Codex (List of Creations). All of my Gwrych lots and anything somewhat medieval is catalogued in a link on one page. As of January 21st, I have added 4 *NEW* Gwrych lots. So, use the above link to register/log-in and then click the following link to access everything Gwrych without having to search.


BABYLON 5 TEXTURES (Mainly Wall Sets/Subsets)
I will be sharing the Babylon 5 Textures as each set is complete on Nixed Sims by Nixnivis. Check there in late February - early March 2012!


You will find my Basic Wall Superset at Sims2Artists in the Members Section starting January 15th, 2012. So, register and log-in if you'd like the set if I haven't already shared it with you for your personal use.

A big thank you to HugeLunatic for giving the stranded walls a home! I truly appreciate it.
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December 2011: Progress and Updates

Date Posted: 3rd Dec 2011 at 7:05 PM


FINAL MONTHLY UPDATE: Thursday, December 29, 2011
Who goes to the dentist to find relief from an underlying tooth infection and returns immobile. That would be me! Fell down a small flight of stairs, landing on the knee. No breaks, but pain swelling and immobility that has finally ended. FREEDOM! Needless to say, I welcome the end of 2011. It has been a strange year, culminating in these last few months into the realm of when it rains, it pours. AGH! So, I Sim to escape reality! Yeah SIMMING!

I have been on downloading sprees at The Medieval Smithy, Garden of Shadows and The Plumbbbob Keep for a larger choice in things Medieval. Those of you who download en masse on occassion as I do KNOW that the downloading is fun, but the organizing and testing of objects is a chore in and of itself! I finally completed the organization and now am adding things to the four lots I have in wait.

NOTE: Uploading will commence as soon as I finish downsizing, tweaking and testing the four lot clones for functionality!


I am working on 4 lots simultaneously. None are quite complete (outside of creating an object or two, tweaking, testing and minor furnishing). There are two small, simple residential lots (1x1 and 3x1)...a small bakery and a parson's rectory for the lavish Gwrych Barony.

SEE THE IMAGES BELOW! If you do not see images, be sure to Click on the actual journal entry/details.




And then there is the Barony Monastery (no name yet). It was inspired by the Wine Set at The Keep by raynuss. It is a Hotel lot with 3 monk's rooms (always given up for the wayward traveller), a Great Hall (dining restaurant), a group prayer area (check-in/waiting room) and a fancy, smancy Chapel. Here is the exterior view. The front has a covered area for dining al fresco and the rear has a small vineyard with an above ground wine cellar.



The fourth is Goleu Sanctum (a spiritual retreat-Circle of Stones, Scriptorium, Campground hotel, Swimming Hole, etc.)...

Deer Hunt, Leading Into The Forest

Fire Dancer, In Circle of Stone (Stonehenge Like)

My Customized Version of the BV Food Stand using Medieval Decor


UPDATE: Wednesday, December 14, 2011
I'm busy tweaking one of my Gwrych lots before finishing up the Barony Parson's Cottage and the Baker's Cottage.


(December 4, 2011 - April 30, 2012)
Starting December 4th, I have returned to designing and uploading Gwrych lots. I plan to avoid non-Gwrych inspiration until I complete the project.

The only side project will be uploading small sets of complete Babylon 5 Walls/Floors on occassion. This will not replace Gwrych uploads when I do. Babylon 5 textures will be uploaded to the "Off World" site or (preferrably to Nixnivis's site). I will not be doing anything else until Gwrych is complete.

Final Gwrych Barony RESIDENTIAL Lots (3 Lots - Baker's Cottage, Parson's Cottage and Parson's Retreat: Residential Vacation Home Version)

Final Gwrych Barony Hotels (3 Lots - Parson's Retreat: Hotel Version, A Small Kingdom Hotel made Medieval and Barony Castle made into a hotel)

* Final Gwrych Barony Community Lots (3 Lots)
* Gwrych Extra Lots Set 1 (3 Lots)
* Gwrych Extra Lots Set 2 (4 Lots)
* Gwrych Extra Lots Set 3 (5 Lots)
* Gwrych Extra Lots Set 4 (6 Lots)
* Old Gwrych Lots Uploaded to DDI account. (3 lots 2 versions each)
* Gwrych Mystic Shopping District: 4 Home Businesses (Fairies, Plant Sims, Witches, Ghosts) for leading double lives
* Gwrych Mystic Shopping District: 4 Home Businesses (Pirates,Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires) for leading double lives
* Other Gwrych Mystic Lots (Where humans are more than welcomed) - (2 Lots)
- 1 Hotel specifically for the Mystics
- 1 Pub (to be used in both the Shopping District and near the Vacation Mystic Hotel as a portal)

Gwrych Note:
I will be adding an updated Neighborhood Organization Map to this Post for the Vacation Lots once the Barony lots are complete. I will update the map once again when the Gwrych Extra Lots are complete. And finally, there will also be a separate map for the Mystic Shopping District Map when I get to that point.

BABYLON 5 TEXTURE PLANS (Mainly Wall Sets/Subsets)
Note: I will be sharing the Babylon 5 Textures as each set is complete on Nixnivis' site. Once the first set is posted, a link will be provided here in my journal for those who wish to collect the set.
* IN PROGRESS: General B5 Textures
* Red Sector B5 Textures
* Blue Sector B5 Textures
* Yellow Sector B5 Textures
* Brown Sector B5 Textures


The Collegio Institute Manor DORM has been updated in Comments Post #8 in the original Gwrych post of 45 lots. The lot did not have a mailbox, which made it load in Build Mode. For those of you who figured this out and added a mailbox, this does not apply to you. For everyone else, all you need to do is add a residential mailbox to your original lot or download the updated zip file in Post #8. I have also updated the Teleport Files in the "ALLGwrychLots_2of7" zip in the Main Post. So, you will have the most updated version of the lot. A few build mode cosmetic changes were made to the lot as well, but the floor plan remains the same. Also, this particular lot (and this lot ONLY) has been repackaged without the STUFF PACKS. Now, your Sims can enjoy the Institute Manor DORMS!

* I will not be taking any requests until Gwrych and Babylon 5 Textures are complete. BUT...I will honour building the log cabin for the newlyweds as promised though.
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