It's Halloween Again

Date Posted: 13th Oct 2009 at 4:40 PM

I said that I wasn't gonna upload anything for either TS2 or TS3. Well, it's that time of year again, when I sprout horns from my forehead and get the sudden urge to make something to upload. My hands are itching. And I wanna put my new tablet(and my three-week break from college) to good use. Any suggestions? It must be horror themed of course. Gotta finish it by the end of the month, too.
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Buh-bye For Now...

Date Posted: 25th Aug 2009 at 2:22 PM

Since the beginning of TS2, I was totally ecstatic about the fact that we can make a wonderful digital world with fantastic characters to fill it in with, and the customizability of it all, especially with TS2 BodyShop. I loved it because I got to decide whether this town will be a dark city filled with scarred goons and evil personalities, or even a small town with quaint shops and gentle seniors walking their pets in the horizon. Add to that the plethora of amazing custom content that were eventually made possible by talented creators, and you have a pretty good video game.

I haven't really tried playing TS3 yet, but the more I see of it (in pictures, reviews, news, etc.), the more it gets repulsive. I don't get the reason why the new creative team had to turn it into an ADVENTURE game. I used to play TS2 for its laid-back qualities. I didn't really enjoy the collection mini-games in TS2; and I guess I can expect the same for TS3, after knowing that a huge chunk of the game is now dedicated to these 'adventures'. Again, this is just my opinion, I'm not asking people to stop buying and playing TS3 games. It's just that I'm looking for something more close-to-real-life. Also, with the apparent de-evolution of Sims' genetics (borked generation-to-generation genetics system, only one default skintone for ALL Sims, etc.), I got even more turned off.

Anyway, I guess I won't be playing TS3, at all. For now, at least. If *something* comes up, perhaps something along the lines of TS2 BodyShop and a neighborhood creator program, I might reconsider. For now, my TS2 games will be collecting dust on a shelf, so don't expect any TS2 updates from me soon.

So that's it, after six or seven years of The Sims games, I guess it's time to say goodbye. It may be, as I said, temporary, or it may be forever. I don't really know. So, thank you, EA, for squeezing out a few hundred dollars from me, and thank you, MTS community, for being so supportive and for patronizing my work. I love you all.

-A.P. a.k.a. Aled
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Date Posted: 16th Oct 2008 at 3:16 PM

Hi, this is my guestbook. Feel free to post criticism and musings.
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How Am I?

Date Posted: 17th Jun 2008 at 9:10 AM

Sorry, guys... I haven't been uploading anything recently because my Sims 2 CDs have cracks on them and I can't install it. That's why I can't upload the Chucky and create new stuff. (TONS of unfinished projects stored in my PC right now.) I'll upload stuff as soon as I buy new CDs. :P
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Chucky, Scarred Version

Date Posted: 19th Dec 2007 at 2:39 PM

I've already done the face, now I'll make the clothes and hair. He'll be in your downloads folder soon!

Soon, my darlings. Soon. Don't bombard me with requests. Comments and questions would be nice.
Mood: Confuzzled
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