Date Posted: 8th Sep 2009 at 11:18 PM

Ok well, i thought i would update my guestbook as i am now retired officially. Originally i had planned to just retire from creating, but as work load has increased far more than i had imagined i will also be retiring from the community The next 2 years are really key to getting into Uni which is one of the most important parts of my life, i cannot afford to spend time nitter nattering when i should be revising So i am officially announcing that as of this entry i am now retired. I do not know when i will be back or if i will ever come back, i think it is likely that i will not come back however as i will be a busy bee at uni after i finish my current courses. So this is a big farewell to all my fans and to all my friends all around the community and the world, for some of you i will keep in touch, but for the most i am leaving you now, so thank you for everything all of you have done and for the friendships i have made here, but real life is too important too miss out on So i love you all SOO much and i will miss everyone an absoloute ton! :lovestruc

For the last time,

p.s. there is to be no Build Mode Stuff Pack, the meshes and textures are all done but sceptical views on my texturing say otherwise, so sadly that will no longer be coming to you all
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