Date Posted: 2nd Dec 2008 at 4:22 AM

Bahaha. I'm in school, *supposed* to be studying for my Geography exam, but instead I decided to visit good ol' MtS2.
I've finally worked out how to get stairs overlapping each other! I used Reyn's excellent open modular stairs, as well as Numenors recolourable wooden stairs. I was so excited when I figured it out, I scared my poor cat half to death.
Anyway, Geography! What a terribly boring subject to have second last for the exams. Good thing I know most of what we have to learn. It's the same basic stuff that we've been doing for the last 6 years in Geo. Longitude, latitude, prime meridian... yeah yeah.
Apparantly I got top of the class in Art, I got 85% and the second highest was 74. Very surprised by that!
Only two more horribly exams to go, and then FREEDOM! Eight and a half weeks of holidays. I've made it my goal to watch Norbit EVERY night these holidays. I usually watch it every friday night, and then either Eragon or *shudder* The Dukes of Hazzard.
We finished our science exams a couple of hours ago. REEEEALLY easy. I guess that's because the whole year took the same test, and the people in the D and E class only went over the basics. I failed miserably in Religion and PDHPE. How can they honestly stream our classes next year based on that horrible test.
"Which Rugby Union team won the national premierships this year?"
"What is the role of the Full Foreward in a scrum?"

I guessed the whole thing, and for those without multiple choice answers, I wrote some less-than-flattering ones. Like for the full-foreward question: "To be as intimidating as possible"
"What do you call it when you catch the ball after it's been kicked more than 15 metres and nobody on the opposition has touched it?"
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Warm fuzzy feeling.

Date Posted: 30th Nov 2008 at 7:54 AM

Oh my! Echo has commented on this very new journal already! I got that warm, fuzzy feeling when I noticed!
I've started on my entry for the creator contest, but it involves taking a screenshot of every page over at mrmen.co.uk and individually resizing and trimming and such to get each face down to 150x150 pixels.
"Kids" doesn't automatically limit the age group to children and toddlers... I plan on making a set of Mr. Men shirts for teenage sims. The inspiration came from a variety of sources. First one was, obviously, the books and the show. The second was a Little Miss Naughty t-shirt that my sister bought about a month ago. Lastly were two more shirts that I saw in JayJays, and I'm sure if you live in Australia you would have heard of the Mr. Men scandal.
I'm using just the eyes, noses and mouths to make a full single-coloured shirt with the facial features at the front. I saw something like this, yet again, in JayJays, and thought it would look good with the Mr Men.
So there we go!
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This means WAR!

Date Posted: 29th Nov 2008 at 1:44 AM

For a few years now, Dad has found personal freedom a horrible thing, so has installed software on ALL the computers in the house that not only record every site you visit, but also blocks anything that is not suitable for people under the age of three. It also records MSN conversations and has web blocking between 10pm and 10am.
And now it's gona and blocked youtube.
I was perversly hoping that SecuROM would rage a horrible battle with it for supreme power and come out victorious. All it did was turn McAfee into its personal slave and stop it from running.
There is one way that I can turn it off for 5 minutes. All I need to to is set Internet Explorer proxy settings to that of school, and leave Firefox ones as home. Then it disables itself because it cannot connect to our internet. as it is set to work by Internet Explorer's rules. But, however, it only disables for five minutes, at which time it tries to log back in and screw everything up.
I can use the task manager to end the process, but then I need to wait for it to start back up and disable itself.
So, there's my dilemma. I'm guessing this horrible software is going to be on my laptop forever, even when I leave home.

So, I can see that RAG v2 is now more popular than v1. That's really good, and sooner or later v3 will be out, and I'll get yet another swarm of downloads.
Until then, I'm working on something for the challenge contest thing.
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First entry!

Date Posted: 28th Nov 2008 at 6:46 AM

Oh my! After reading HP's veeeery long post on MTS2's features, I suddenly read that now creators with one or more items can have a journal!
So, here I am, typing up my first post.
I'm currently at home, very damp, lying on the lounge typing this up on my laptop. The bus from school drops us home down the road. Here, I've created a little picture.

so, anyway, it's completely monsooning down, and I had to run home. Somebody feel pity for me!

In other news, I'm almost finished the final RAG, version 3. This includes everything for anything, the prefect utility to making a random sim. It includes hair colour, turn on/offs, zodiac sign and more.

I'd better towel off before Mum gets home.
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