It's Alive!

Date Posted: 26th May 2008 at 11:44 AM

Quick note: All my messages are gone baby gone. Starting from scratch eh. However I won't reply to random *can you help me with blah blah*. 1) because I'm a bitch 2) because I don't actually PLAY the game and haven't since ummm well about a week after I got the game =) 3) because I am lazy and a bitch or, a lazy bitch =)

So if you sent me a message that I SHOULD have read and didn't I apologise - the medication I take ensures that I am easily overwhelmed. Its far easier for me to go and kill something in a game than to deal

I haven't even managed to install Free Time and the Kitchen/Bath thingy yet! I am missing out on furniture!!
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Some numbers I have worked out for downloads folder

Date Posted: 3rd Dec 2007 at 1:41 PM

As we all know I have many many. In fact now I only have *upload friendly* in my permanent downloads folder and even that is getting to be a problem. If I put some IN I have to take some OUT - and I hate it because I need ALL of them I have all expansions up to BV and nearly all the stuff packs (teen? I dont think so)

Anyway here is the scoop:

Meshes - You can have around 11,000 mesh files at any one time. The game crashes at about 11,125. This includes roof recolours.

Recolours - Can't remember really - but at the moment I have around 15,000 (and I just deleted almost every Maxis object recolour because its way too hard to figure out who they belong to since the packager no longer captures Maxis object recos).

Disgusting - its not NEARLY enough meshes!

ps: I haven't read my messages for months and months, so please don't anyone take it personally. I have almost developed a phobia (yay yet another one for the insane in the brain rat!) about email,chat,icq,msm etc etc etc. I am working on overcoming this weirdness. Hopefully another weirdness will take centre stage and I can yet again be a fully functioning netizen
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Well! So there IS a limit to the amount of custom content TS2 can handle ;)

Date Posted: 8th Jan 2007 at 10:26 AM

As ya know, last year was a bit of a bitch for me - but it was always my plan to get back into doing some Sims 2 things again in 2007.

As soon as Pets came out I installed it - and until yesterday I had not been able to run it without crashing. Being the original and best download hog that I am - I ran through my usual *find the grotty file thats making my game crash scenario* which has always been successful. But not this time..... What I did work out is that after installing Pets anything over 11 gig (yes, yes so its a lot!) causes game crashes in buy and build modes. I actually had 12.5gb. It has taken me weeeeeeeks to clean out and pare down my goodies to a nice even 10gb and everything is running fine!

You know I actually had many of the original recolours done by MTS2 peoples - it was quite a blast from the past going through it all

In order to start afresh - I have deleted every message in my inbox and hope to become more active in the community again!

I do have a community beach lot ready to go (made pre-Pets) I just need to test it again to see if its ok and do the humungous list =)
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Its a Litany of Woes!!!

Date Posted: 17th Nov 2006 at 2:48 AM

Just before Pets came out I finished a new Community Beach Lot and packaged it up - all good. THEN my ISP changed the way they assign IP addresses and wrecked my home network so I have had to buy a router etc etc. I decided to move what was my server into my room so I can use it just for Sims 2 and other tedious time consuming tasks - like converting movies. Well once I moved it - thats it it decided not to work anymore lol. And I have already bought the KVM switch that allows me to run 2 pc's off the same peripherals. GAH!

Anyway I installed Pets and everything worked fine. THEN my motherboard died so I had to buy a new one and of course a new video card because decent mobo's with AGP slots are now few and far between. Format, reinstal everything. First install of TS2 and all EP's was a joke and wouldn't work. Second install is fine - apart from the ONE object that is causing my game to crash. I have narrowed it down to being either a door or window. But testing is taking a very long time given that my game takes about an hour to load (if I just load the doors and windows it doesn't crash - so I have to load all my files). So I kind of fit in the testing in between doing other things like playing WoW or NWN2

Oh what else? OH YES! My fantastic creator list and read-me's were set up as a website in My Docs (I hate my docs and this is why) Did I back up this directory? I DID NOT! So I now have to rebuild the list - I also lost all the files of my website bit I can download them. THEN when I was remaking the list-web - I decided to place it on my games partition - but I was a bit errr *happy* at the time and managed to wipe out totally my entire collection of work for TS2 - all lots, recolours etc etc all my working files and finished bits lol. *Sigh* it never ends....

I am off to the doctor today as my Mummy is very worried about my atrocious memory =)
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Sometimes the Sims 2 makes me sooooo mad!

Date Posted: 31st Jul 2006 at 3:49 AM


Thanks so much for the kind words to help me through this trying time! Dad got a whole lot worse (metastasised to his spine/bones/brain) and we had a hellish 5 days in which he was hallucinating, pushing us away, climbing the walls - mum and I were at our wits end and had to watch him 24/7 because he wouldn't sleep, wouldn't take meds. Finally got him off to hospital - he stayed for a week so we both got some well earned rest. He is back at home now but comfortable and sleeping a lot - its still stressful but NOTHING is like that week we spent. Now I know how my significant others must feel when I am unmedicated and totally manic for weeks on end.

ANYWAY - I have finished the lot and its gorgeous and functional BUT....I have a rogue object in there that is causing the lot to not load - you know the kind =/ I thought I had tracked it down but now I am going to have to go through the process of removing groups of objects until I get it to load and then narrowing it down to THE one. Its not the first time this has happened and it won't be the last.

It has however prompted me to perform a major clean out of my objects - this serves 2 purposes - I get rid of crap in my Sims 2 AND I find it cathartic for my befuddled brain =)

I haven't check my personal messages for a LONG time - there are so many messages I just can't deal with it atm - so sorry if anyone has needed something and I haven't answered =/
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What's going on....

Date Posted: 9th Jul 2006 at 5:54 PM

Wellll, my daddio is terminally ill at the moment and mum and I are caring for him at home so I have the concentration span of a flea.

But I continue to build, albeit very slowly. This is of course made worse by the fact it takes my game around 40 mins to load (and I have a very, very good pc). Sometimes by the time it has loaded I feel like doing something entirely different =)


Medieval/Old English Community: This is something I have wanted to make for a long, long time and its finally underway. It will have a restaurant, bar, some rooms to let, an outdoor market, stables, smithy and a couple of other bits. It should provide some decent options for a business.

Harem Residential
: An arabian nights kinda place - I started this about 6 months ago and do a bit here and there. I want to redo the kitchen (what the hell did there kitchens look like anyway?) and the gardens will be extensive - need to be in the mood for that.
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