....Yeah I'm Done..

Date Posted: 3rd Mar 2009 at 8:50 PM

Hello to anyone who happens to read this. I just wanted to share a personal entry because I am no longer going to upload. So I know, I know... I only have 3 creations up anyway, so you might be saying "eww look at this guys crap, who really needs him anyway." If you are saying or thinking these things, I'm sorry you feel this way, but you might as well just stop reading if that's the case.

P.S. My old creations were made when I was 13, and I think they're gross so let's not refer to those :p

Well the reason I'm posting this is because I'm no longer going to be uploading for MTS2. The first reason is the constant rejection. My 3rd upload which was the first release since I've been back was flat out rejected, but for too much bump mapping, which I realized there was too much because I did have a lot( I just kind of like the look of a lot of bump mapping). That set was originally supposed to be a set of two dresses each in 6 colors. Because of all the editing I only released the dress which I thought was nicer. Plus the uploading process takes a while, especially making the content, taking screens, cropping/editing, sorting files, and filling out the upload pages and everything takes me a REALLY long time.

Now I had just made a new dress that I was planning on uploading here, and it also got REJECTED, which was really discouraging because it wasn't even for one or two things, it was for a LIST of things. It was rejected for:

1. Body Shop Content - Texture Details
2. General - Needs a bit more work...
3. Textures - Over Bumpmapped/Incorrect Bumpmaps
4. Textures - Pixellated/Blurry
5. Other reasons

Here is a couple of pictures of what I made (it came in 5 colors):

I really don't think there's a problem with ALL of those things, which makes me feel even worse, I can understand some of them, but come on...
It's so hard for me to just make something that passes the uploading inspection, I feel like it's never going to be what they want, so why keep spending sooo much time for nothing.

I understand that MTS2 wants the best possible content on here, but it's becoming frustrating going back and editing work, retaking photos, and re uploading, considering I spent an entire afternoon and night trying to make these items and prepare them for uploading just to get rejected :/. It's feels like a slap.

And the last reason that I've decided to stop uploading is because of the lack of people who even bothered to hit the thanks button. You might say "wow that's a dumb reason," but think about it. I got almost 2400 downloads in less then two weeks, yet only 173 of them were even nice enough to hit a button, a BUTTON. Seriously, how hard is it to hit a flipping button? I've made sure to hit the thanks button on the things I've downloaded since I've been back on MTS2. Considering it only takes a millisecond, you would think more people would. When you spend hours making and preparing something on a free site so others can use it, it's just really disappointing to see that the majority of people can't even hit the thanks button for it.

Basically I'm just becoming frustrated, sad and disappointed because of these circumstances. All I really wanted, was to be able to share my creations with the community that's given me so much, but it's becoming tiresome and disappointing, and frustrating.

So, that's basically it. I'm sorry if I came off as bratty or whiny or anything like that, but I just needed to get those things off my chest.

I'll still be around here on MTS2 but I'm no longer going to try to share my creations because it's just too frustrating :/. If anyone else feels like this or has something they'd like to say that isn't mean feel free to post in the comments :]
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I'm Back...no one even knows or remembers me here, but hey I'll post anyway :]

Date Posted: 19th Feb 2009 at 6:13 AM

Well to all of you out there who regularly viewed my profile, all none of you out there, I've been gone. I originally stopped playing when computer problems started which really was awful. I basically had a crappy pc for years after that, it took about 15 minutes just to turn on and load internet explorer, every single thing you would do on that computer would freeze for a few minutes then stop.

In I believe it was November last year I got a hot computer, and it was a gift from my moms ex boyfriend, which I was thrilled about. I even told her, I get to reap the benefits of her relationship

So yeah, what a lot of people didn't know about me was that I really DID create a lot of custom content. I literally created 100s, It was over 550 creations, that included, hair retextures, eyes, skin, clothes, and towards the end clothing meshes and hair meshes. Now I forgot everything I learned about meshing, I remember using simpe and looking for a number and doing all this stuff. I doubt it got any easier now. The fun part for me was doing milkshape :]. Well anyway I had created 100s of CC but I really only shared like less then 10 things I ever made. And to be honest, They weren't "that great." Basically I was selfish and stupid, I didn't want to share the stuff I made and now I regret it. The sims 3 is coming out in about 3 months and I really want to share a lot of the stuff that isn't crap that I made. I held out on sharing originally because I always wanted to have my own site, but I know thatll never happen so....

But yeah basically I have my old savedsims and downloads folder saved on my external hardrive. Unfortunately, I have so much custom content previously installed that I really don't want all the crap I downloaded to ruin what I have now, but I DO want my creations. The only problem is that I need some meshes from the downloads folder. SO I came up with this idea of basically copying all of old saved sims stuff into my new saved sims folder. Then only copying the meshes from my old downloads into current downloads. The problem is that I'd be missing a lot of stuff with all those meshes and no files/ S i thought of the idea to delete all the ones that sound like hair files and just keep the body mesh files. Then delete which ever ones don't have a body to match.

But yeah that's about it. and I doubt anyone will EVER read this whole thing, but if you do, i want to hug you :]

So that's it now bye


P.S. I tried uploading something for my return today, and my first upload got a big fat REJECTED after I spent my whole day making and prepareing it :/. I'm guessing it's because they might have thought the original photo's weren't clear enough, the only other reason I know of that they reject people basically is if its crap, which I hope is not what they thought because I LOVE it. , what do you think?

*Update* I found out it got rejected because it had 'too much bumpmapping'. Honestly I love extreme bumpmapping I think it looks really cool, but I guess the right people I need to submit my creations to don't lol :X


No ones going to read this whole thing anyway, but you never know, I might just stop for another 3 years and be like wow I was 15 when I wrote this. Cause when I came back to this site a few weeks ago, the last time I was here I was 13! and Now I'm 15 and will be 16 in a few months. So yeah, no ones going to read this but it's good to release your feelings, and what you're thinking of...so yeah those were my thoughts :] (At like 1AM)

Also I'm so excited for the sims 3

bye for real this time :]
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