Started with a new house!!!

Date Posted: 6th Mar 2009 at 2:07 PM

My second journal and guess what?
I started to build a new lot!!!
This time, it will be an apartment, probably have sround 10 "rooms". If I put it right, It should be ready next weekend (Phew that's a long time!!!) as I have my IT project due coming on and stuff.
I will try to update new photos ASAP so, wait there!!!
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First Entry to the Journal on MTS!! Now a creator!!!

Date Posted: 4th Mar 2009 at 8:59 AM

Hello World!!!

It was just this afternoon when I heard the approval of my first creation I was so happy to hear about that :D

I am now one of the creator of MTS2!!! From now on, I will try to put houses on, all will be original and will be nice(I think)
So thanks to all at once and to each one who visit my journal and want to keep in touch with any new houses of mine!!!!(Shakspear :P)

Anyways. This is the first journal so I think I'll just reveal some stuff about my self then :D

Name: Randhill
Age?: Just turned 16 :P
Where?: One of the International School in Hanoi.
Interest: Hanging round with my friends, listen to music, watching film, love Physics :P


Nice to meet you all
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