A Castle what you've never had before

Date Posted: 3rd Apr 2009 at 1:03 PM

I've uploaded my designed Castle Tiefburg. Now, I'm waiting the reply.
Just have a look. Do you like it?
Click screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4
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My Project, oh no! It was rejected!

Date Posted: 8th Mar 2009 at 6:36 PM

Castel Tiefburg and Ruins stuffs, ENDLICH finished! (03.04.2009) I've used fast one month to finish the upload.

Legend of Tiefburg:
A castle was built, destroyed, rebuilt, and destroyed, and rebuilt, and and and... The scientist can not prove its history. Go around the castle. Man must find fast no green plants but many broken walls, and moreover, some secret ways. Perhaps, he/she can feel the wind whistled through the high terrace.
The old poeple in that village have many stories about this castle. All the stories belong to odd, dark or evil topics. In fact, since very very long time lived nobody there. No one dare to visit the ruins except a little boy. He found that the castel had been partly renovated. He had no idea what's happened. But he asked himself, who would move into?
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Map of treasures

Date Posted: 6th Mar 2009 at 3:31 PM

There are always so many wonderful creations around Sims2! It's crazy! It makes just a high amusement to find them and to have them! THANKS to all creator with her or his wonderful creations! I've taken a lot of time to search the best Sims2 items in Internet. There are some old threads which I've found them again and would to have them for ever; There are also some new threads which bring me such a surprise. I think I should note the name of artists and their links. Their creations are for me the treasures of Sims2 which I don't want to lost.
You find here a list with my selected favorite links of Sims2 download and my comments. I am glad to share the treasures with people who love Sims 2, too. Enjoy it!


1) For general informations and downloads:
MTS2: All the best site. But it's sometimes slowly. My fevorite creator: Numenor, SussisSoGoodSims, Anva, Xanathon, Gromit, UK1967, V1ND1CARE, Sherahbim, SilentLucidity, Criquette, Lethe_s, HystericalParoxysm, Delphy, Atavera, Frillen, Adele ...
TSR: there are so many things there. What you need is to discover the individual creations which will bring suprise to you. My bookmarked creator: Aikea_guinea, Alban_Alban, Arenaria, BeOSBoxBoy, BitzyBus, Carrie8abug, Cashcraft, Cat3cm, ChazDesigns, Clcny20, Cycloneuse, DarkBorderR, Drewsoltesz, Forwardmotion, Frisbud, Halfcreek, Jirka, Jsf, Kibanahanah, Mirake, Phoenix_phaerie, Suiryuue...
Insimenator: Good themed Forum. Bookmarked creator: Marvine, Enayla...
Simforum: language: Ger.
Sims2Cri Finds: find links of free items through daily Find and monthly UpSimAwies
mustnotbenamed: find update infos of donation items

and more.

2) Spezial items in website:
Peggysims2: sweet hair mesh etc., specially for girl
Rosesims2: fine formed female hair mesh etc. for daily life and sometimes fantasy
Raonsims: Hairmesh, some choices for boy
Xmsims: many hair styles and some oriental items
Helgasims: Sadly, the site is not available at the moment. Man can find some Helgas hairs from other sites. Click Graveyard, Blackpearlsims, PiggisSimsor and RissaStyles
SAU: find some male hair-meshes by Maxistraum

Fasion and other themen
Justsims2: great Fasion for woman
Lianasims2: daily female clothes, earrings and neckleces mesh
Simphay: cloth mesh for kid
Shopsims: clothes for kid
Allaboutstyle: Victorian clothes, hats etc., also for old Sims
Tarox4sims2: historical clothes, language: Ger.
Picolink: themed clothes
Sims2Heaven: hot oriental items
Bobosims: daily clothes and Chinese ancient costume with fine texture. But it is slow to open it.
Baidu: forum about oriental stuff, language: Chin.
aserror: Moderne asiatic clothes and hair, remember to SAU, language: Korean, Eng.
Varietylab: posen ect. Language: Korean
Cottonhousesim: Moderne clothes, language: Chinese
Elynia: some female clothes
Sapphiresims2: fantasy figures
Gartenofshadows: vampir and other cool stuff (artist: Aviolina, Yuxi, Aikea_guinea, SerendipityHQ...)
Lostutopian: cool sims!

Arroundthesims: nice Objects, mesh recolorable
Reflexsimsforum/ Blackpearlsims: beautiful room sets and more; recommented links: Reflexsims, Simsinparis
Vitasims2: historical room sets with elaborate patters
SimsDesignAvenue: fine objects in themend set, but not all objects works all right
Blacky'sSims2Zoo: find new mesh with fine texture, but it loaded always advertisement. language: Ger. and Eng.
Avalon: make the style of rooms.
Blood4sims: extrem dark style, recommented links: Woodforsims, donation only. Man can also Find some similar items free, e.g. by Blacky'sSims2Zoo)
FeeEssen: Toys etc., mesh with simple texture
Sims2-Studio: Themed room set
Meshkiste: another furniture set.
Parsimonious: find sometimes special items.
mango: find more as thought

walls and floors:
Komosims: many luxurious walls.

recolors and more
DLMulsow: find current recolors of new hairmesh etc., sims...
simstyle: hairrecolors and more
Digitalperversion: hair colors


3) Impressed singel item:

For body:
Bodybuild cloth, skinton and more by Marvine, e.g. Pyjamas
Pixie skinton by Enayla, e.g. Pixie
Xina Transparent Ballgown by Sussis
Bota swimsuit mesh by Bobosims
flower girls dress by Vitasims2
Carnevale2008 by Oniric
Star wars hair by Bipsouille
NewSea Hair by Yu
Yeeep galsses by Schnappi
Tatto Blend Skin by Mrs.Phoenix
Snowwhite clothes set by AlexRosa
Steampunk Jewellery by Anva
SexYFeeT replacement by BlooM
27 face replacement by Selzi
Cup of Poses by Pontopackage

Eclipse by MiradorSims
Zhang Ziyi by Vicvic616

Buy mode:
Waterfall shower by Marvine
Moon and other stuff by Jaydee
Barosaurus and more by Manuela10669
Osterhasen by Thunderwitch
Plant by Alban_Alban
Climbing vines collection by Corvidophile
Shelves by BitzyBus
Statue David by feeEssen
Mimi's Boudoir by thkehne
Modeling Poses by Decorgal21572
Refletive wall and floor by Murano
Standing Venus by moonsims
Tropic queen chair by Avalon

Build mode:
Stone stairs and Ladder by Marvine
Gotic windows and doors and Ramparts and ruins by Cycloneuse (donation)
Castel ruins by Arenaria
Animeret Pool vand by sims2you
Versailles walls by TS2D

Heidelberg by Sims2Houses
Tosca Bulwar by Goryczka
Grodan's Creekside Cottage by meganfranc1


Note: The list can not be finished. There are so many. You are welcome to help me to inform about absolute favorite items.

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