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Date Posted: 13th Jun 2009 at 8:37 AM

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know I´ve started a journal at LJ, that you can find here.

The main reason is that I would like to share some sims and this way is very easy, no uploading etc., many pics, you know...
And I can also share some CC in a faster way. :P
I will of course still upload here and at maxisdreams, just wanted to let you know my "own little site" exists.

However, it would be great if some of you will visit

Have a nice weekend,
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Still Missing Files

Date Posted: 22nd Apr 2009 at 7:42 AM

I want to thank everyone who helped to fill in the gaps of my downloads!
But there are still some which aren´t uploaded yet.
The problem is i can´t upload by myself because i haven´t compressed most of the DL-files (i do know the programme only for a short time...), only the newer ones. When i got the programme i compressed my complete Saved Sims folder, so they haven´t the same file size anymore.
It´s maybe stupid to write this in my journal, but i don´t know how to get the files...
It would be very very kind to upload them in the certain thread. You can also send me the rar-file or just the unzipped files, i just need the originals.

Here is a list with the still missing files:

-2 Sims Store Conversions for Adults (both files)
-Simple separate Sweaters for Elders
-Bathrobes for your Grannies (only conversion file)
-Vampiress Gowns For Elders - Sims Store Conversion - FIXED MESH
-Boleros With Babydolls As Separates - 3 Different Styles! - *New Mesh updated* (all colour sets)
-Simlish Banners for your Boutiques

So please help. Have a view at your downloads folder...
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Date Posted: 29th Mar 2009 at 9:08 PM

This is some stuff i´ve created for maxisdreams.

I hope there will be an update (with some of these) soon.
It´s mainly clothing, but also a few hair recolours.

Well, i write this here to get more visitors for this great site, but also to let you know about my current smaller projects.
I will upload my stuff at maxisdreams the next time, because i love it and i don´t have to do all this upload thing, which costs much time
So, just wanted to let you know
see you
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My new Project - Better Doctor Coats

Date Posted: 21st Mar 2009 at 5:39 PM

Well, i am very annoyed of the clothing for medicine career, especially the doctor coats (are they called so??)
So, i am working on default replacements for both men and women.
The original outfits are more suitable for science career or whatever.
And most doctors wear open coats, at least the ones i´ve met.

Here is a first preview of the male version:

I still have to work on mesh and texture. But it´s a good start i think.
The sim still wears some everyday clothing and the open doctor coat over it.

I will also start with the female mesh the next time and show it here.
And i will have to learn how to do default replacements.^^

The whole project will take long time, i want it to be perfect. And i am still pretty busy with school.
So i will upload creations i´ve made these weeks or smaller projects on maxisdreams. So please check out this site.
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