Plans and Future

Date Posted: 22nd Jul 2009 at 12:10 PM

Hi there my friends!

I am making some plans for my Web site,
if you never saw it it's here:

JCWolf Workshop

Since I am planing also to build a lot more houses over the
sims 3 game I am planning on adding a download and work page
over my site, at the moment still nothing is being worked
at the site but soon working with my availlable time
I will start working on the sims 3 page over there and will
post back here the direct link for it.

I have decided this also cause I am a fun of this Sims house
building, and since I have the place will make it available
at my place as whell.

This doesn't meen that I will leave my posting Creations here!

No , I will countinue uploading them here as long they are wanted,
and they are good and change something over the base game
and available lote downloads around.

I guess this is everything for now.

Stay ready more new uploads are comming!

Thanks guys
have fun
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Muang Boran Park

Date Posted: 16th Jul 2009 at 12:14 PM

Muang Boran Ancient Pool Park

You can Find it Here

Muang Boran Ancient Pool park

About Muang Boran

The Ancient City, or Muang Boran in Thai, is like an open book
of history and an open door to the real Thailand. Here you will
find numerous reproductions of palace halls, temples, stupas,
stone sanctuaries and traditional houses. You can also visit
several reconstructed historical buildings, authenticated
communities with their inhabitants doing their daily
chores and sample villages from all regions of the country.

If you want to know more you can go to this Site and see
for yourself the beauty of This country!

Paknam Thailand site

The Muang Boran Park

This is my first huge work over any community lote
I have ever made so far, This park haves magic
floating in the brise that blows the trees , the buildings
were carefully placed in a way that would not interrupte
the harmony of the all scenary, the large stone collums
that lead the way to the Pool of life throught the
Pass of Shadows are carefully guarded by the Mithical
Statues of Gods, The pool of life crafted in the stone
is full of Natural water that flows from the Hearths deep,
The large Lake is protected by the large sacred Stone
and waiting for you.

I loved building this park, and the final result I think
it speacks for himself.

You may ask why do I bring so many Thailand houses,
that is because the Houses are needed in this game,
what would be of our Sims citys without a proper
Asian culture merged in a way that will give you more
diferent building Architectures mixed in a Neighborwood,
you can also sart a entire map with Asian buildings,
but in the end due to game limitations you would have
to add the community buildings available and mixed diferent
building constructions...

Lote detailles

Large community Swimming pool ( Pool of Life ),
Bistro and Bar, a children Playground and WCs,
also have a large fountain at the entrance, a parking
lot for 4 cars, a large lake to fish and a camp fire place
to have fun with other sims...

Lote Size : 60 x 60

Price Furnished : 333,488

Price Unfurnushed : 135,308


You should not try this lot unfurnished since it haves
a lot of items , like base blocks, Collums etc, that
if changed will take the park is beauty ...

There are a lot of items here that I recolored
to bring the all Lote more atmosphere, walls,

Also this House countains some items recently
released on the Sims Store...

Sets from Sims 3 store used

Tiki Set

Bayside set

Uktraconfort set

Hewnsman set

Story book set

You must understand that I didn't use the full sets
but part of each of these above mentioned sets...

I hope everyone enjoys this house
and have fun !

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Hua Kwan

Date Posted: 14th Jul 2009 at 12:46 PM

Hua Kwan
Thailand Temple House

You can see the download thread here

Hua Kwan Thailand Temple House

Hi my friends!

This is my secound Thai house,
I have decided this time to get
a really landscape impact and for that
picked on the Thai theme and construction
style of their temples and Historical Ruins.

House gameplay style

This house haves some game play techniques
cause of her style and the way it was built,
Watch this aerial map of the all lot :

You can see here that the only entrance
to the house is on the large main building
livingroom and then using bridges that cross
jungle Rivers and lakes to the kitchen and
dinningroom and from there using a large bridge
to the bedroom and bathroom...

To exit the house you will have to do all the way
back again to the livingroom again and exit to the jungle,
on the centre you have the largest bridge that connects to
the Pearl of this lote, the Ancient Temple ruins
swimming pool, this part took me 2 days to
achieve the result that you can see in the first picture of
this post.

House detailles

First building haves Livingroom with a interior garden,
The secound couple of 2 small buildings haves the
Kitchen in one of them and in the other the dinningroom,
Third couple of 2 buildings haves the Bedroom on one
of the buildings and in the other the bathroom.

Lote Size : 60 x 60

Price Furnished : 261,077

Price Unfurnished : 165,488


If you think this lote haves to much forest
you can always delet some trees but it will
take some magic to the all lote.

Building enovation and Patience

I tryed to Bring the Thailand atmosphere
and house building style into this lote.

from the roofs to the jungle , buildings and
swimming pool, everything was carefully and
patiently built to give you a full ambiance and
magic style!

The all lote is fully detailled, the lakes and rivers
that are crossed by wooden bridges , the large
stone rock in the midle of the entrance lake,
this was a one time chalenge to build and
give you this lote...

More will come like this
since now I am making a community lote
with the same style..

Stay focused my Friends
and have fun
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Kodwang Thai House

Date Posted: 10th Jul 2009 at 2:09 AM

Kodwang Thai

See it here

KodWang Thai

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever Azian style House,
I have been trying this style over time
since the first Sims game was released
but never realy acomplished the task
with the efectivenes of this one.

I meen this house has spirit,
haves that Azian magic that I always
wanted to give to my former atempts,
Somehow it was always missing something
or in the house itself or in the surrounding
lands , This Sims 3 haves less materials to work
with yet, its rather limited in the construction
and on the things that you can use to realy
give a close Azian look.

I had to pull of my creativity and build with walls and
roofs what I couldn't do other way in a way that in
the midle of the house building I was thinking
on demolishing her and rebuild another thing,
but then as the house was growing in form and
style I saw that my task was going on the right way!

Once again I gave a extra special touch over everything
specialy the house style and off course the garden
and surroundings !

Hope everyone like it,
Have Fun

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New Saint Peter's Farm House

Date Posted: 6th Jul 2009 at 1:34 PM

Hi there My Friends !

A new House As been released today !

This time I have decided to move into the Farming
country life style, and been working on this baby for
the last 3 days...

You can download it and see it here :

Saint Peter's Farm House

The house itself it's not to big, but can acomodate 2
to 4 sims depending on how hard you want the game to be,
I think a 3 persons game with Father Mother and son or sons
would be a good choice...


This House have 2 Bedrooms with private Bathrooms each, a total
of 3 Bathrooms, Kitchen , Gym and House Office, A large Dinning room
where you can give partys, Games room, TVroom...

...Outside a large Barn, a barbacue, and to parking lots placed in
coordinance with the house scenary...

House detailles

Lot Size : 60 x 60

Price Furnished : 273,818

Price unfurnished : 132,823


There are a lot of items here that I recolored
to bring the all Lote more athemosfere, walls,
objects, and included the cars...

Also this House countains some items recently
released on the Sims Store...

Sets from Sims 3 store used

Bahia set

Uktraconfort set

Hewnsman set

Story book set

You must understand that I didn't use the full sets
but part of each of these above mentioned sets...

Have fun with it mates and stay
Focused for more to come !
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New House On Winnipeg

Date Posted: 2nd Jul 2009 at 11:40 AM

Winnipeg Canadian Lodge

This is about my first house for Sims3 !

You can Download it here :

Winnipeg Canadian Lodge

When I build a house I always take a lot of atention
to detailles, That's why in most cases it takes me
2 to 3 days building it...

The house should be and look as real as it can be to
a real house, and most of all, playable, not giving your sims a hell
of a time to acomplish the normal day by day tasks inside it,
but the most importante for me also is the house Athmosfere
and surroundings....

...If you place a nice house in a empty grass lot with a fence
she loses personality and beauty !

About my building resources !

I always try to find new material to work with,
so in most cases since I do not creat objects
or Paterns I look around the sims net to find what
I think are the top creations on those areas, and if
include them ,( with proper credit always) I try not
to forget the creators...

I take the most joy on house building in any Sims game,
been building them since the first PC Sims was released,
and this is what I like to do in the Sims...

Future House Creations

I will go on with this house building Untill there is
no more free space to build on the Sims Town !

See you all soon

The best for you

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